Commvault in Partnership With Google Cloud

Expanding support for customers' multi-cloud strategies
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.11.13

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  • Addresses enterprise need for data protection in fast-growing multi-cloud, hybrid IT environments requiring agility and HA
  • Supports all four Google Cloud Platform storage classes: Coldline, Nearline, Regional and Multi-Regional
  • Expedites cloud migration via increased adaptability and security with lower costs

Commvault Systems, Inc. announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud to help enterprises leverage the range of cloud services available on Google Cloud Platform.

The partnership was highlighted at Commvault GO 2017, Commvault's annual customer event, with a keynote delivered by Google executive Adam Massey on how this relationship addresses the increasing need for data protection for fast growing multi-cloud, hybrid IT environments requiring flexibility, security, high data availability, and business agility.

Partnership outlines opportunities for joint enterprise customers to scale faster, innovate easier, and more securely protect, store and use data in the cloud. By supporting all four Google Cloud Platform storage classes for content repositories - Coldline, Nearline, Regional and Multi-Regional -, Commvault helps customers optimise their cloud investments by enabling them to achieve the balance between access and cost economics of storage.

According to a recent Commvault executive cloud survey conducted in partnership with CITO Research, 56% of responding organisations are cloud-only or plan to move 100% of their workloads to the cloud. In a separate cloud security survey commissioned by Google, research by MIT Sloan found that 75% of IT and business executives said storage was their top workload deployed in the cloud. These findings underscore the importance of cloud adoption for modernising IT processes, improving operational efficiencies and increasing business agility.

"Our enterprise customers are looking for support for their migration strategies to Google Cloud Platform," said Adam Massey, director of strategic technology partnerships, Google Cloud. "And with that comes a requirement for comprehensive data protection. Commvault will help our customers accelerate their migration by making it easier and faster to move data to Google Cloud Platform."

Commvault compression and deduplication help enterprises move huge volumes of data to Google Cloud Platform. Across on-premises and cloud storage locations, the Commvault platform provides a single view of data, making it simpler to manage data and satisfy regulatory requirements. Industry standard encryption secures data in motion and at rest, providing additional peace of mind in meeting security and compliance requirements.

The two partners are empowering enterprises to transform their businesses by deploying a single solution for holistic data management, including backup, recovery, management and e-discovery across on-premises, Google Cloud Platform and other cloud environments.

"Enterprise customers need flexibility to ensure HA and reduced risk across their entire data infrastructure, which is why we support so many cloud storage options," said N. Robert Hammer, chairman, president and CEO, Commvault. "Our analytics on cloud usage and recent surveys continue to reinforce the increasing need for the Google Cloud Platform as a high performance, flexible and reliable option for customers. Through the power of the Commvault Data Platform, we're helping enterprise customers in both the public and private sectors take advantage of the capabilities of Google Cloud Platform as they continue on their multi-cloud journey."

Commvault helps Google Cloud Platform customers securely and optimally move, manage and use data. It supports most common enterprise applications running inside Google Cloud Engine, including various file systems on Windows, Unix and Linux. Applications and databases, such as SAP, Exchange, Oracle and DB2 are supported, as are big data applications such as GPFS, MongoDB, Hadoop. Commvault also offers data management capabilities on Google Cloud Platform for GSuite applications such as Gmail and Google Drive, including backup, recovery and management.

"The ability to use Commvault across Google Cloud Platform and our on-premises data store backups has made it simpler and more cost effective to protect, access and manage our information assets," said Phil Ventimiglia, chief innovation officer, Georgia State University. "This capability has helped increase our operational efficiency and advance our BC and DR efforts."

The Commvault platform's support for Google Cloud Platform includes: 

  • Data protection to support large-scale lift-and-shift cloud projects.
  • Fast search across multiple cloud storage locations with a single consolidated view of data wherever it lives.
  • Support to move, manage and use data across all four Google Cloud Storage classes: Coldline, Nearline, Regional and Multi-Regional.
  • Data redundancy to any Google Cloud Storage class.
  • Ability to recover data where it's needed - on-premises, to another cloud storage location, or to another cloud.
  • Optimisation of storage: the flexibility to create large deduplicated storage pools, but with granular controls to move data and workloads to, from and across clouds and across regions within a single cloud.
  • Fast data protection with enhanced security for enterprise applications running inside Google Cloud Platform, with data protection for a variety of enterprise IT initiatives:
    • Applications including common file systems on Windows and Linux OSs.
    • Applications and databases such as SQL Exchange, Oracle, DB2.
    • SaaS applications such as Office 365.
    • Big data applications such as GPFS, MongoDB, Hadoop, and others.
    • Custom application backup using Commvault APIs.
  • Support for Gmail and Google Drive - Backup to and recovery from the Google Cloud Platform with management from the single Commvault platform.