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Commvault Analytics Portfolio Built on Data Platform

Introduces information governance for data privacy application for identifying and reducing GPDR compliance risk as first portfolio application.
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Commvault Systems, Inc. announced a analytics portfolio of applications, capabilities, solutions and services, all built on the company's Data Platform.

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The platform is designed to help customers have access to the right data and analytics in order to gain the insights needed to improve business outcomes.

This portfolio includes applications and an application framework, new capabilities, solutions, and packaged service offerings all created to help customers obtain better data insights for compliance, eDiscovery and a variety of other digital transformation use cases. With the company's analytics portfolio, customers can create actionable data visualisation and implement business rules to drive workflows, all from a single platform. The portfolio's capabilities will further empower the firm's customers to simplify management of growing amounts of data, and activate this data to reduce risk and improve business outcomes.

The first application in the portfolio will be for information governance and data privacy, and demonstrated at Commvault GO 2017. Integrated into the Data Platform, the application offers customers the ability to identify, manage and reduce data privacy risks in compliance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data privacy regulations.

Meeting GDPR challenge
Enterprises around the world are preparing to comply with GDPR, one of the toughest data privacy regulations in the world, when it takes effect on May 25, 2018. The firm's data privacy application can address many GDPR compliance challenges, enabling enterprises to better understand what personal data they have, respond to customer requests and meet GDPR obligations regarding the collection, storage and handling of personal data.

Designed with input from company's customers addressing GDPR compliance challenges,
enterprises can use the new application to:

  • Detect an expandable set of personal data, initially focusing on Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on file systems and endpoints.

  • Use dashboards, reports and visualisation to map where this PII information is located and drill down into this data, allowing them to develop, implement and automate data privacy risk management policies.

  • Create and assign automated work tasks to address customer requests and other remediation actions for PII data disclosure, export and erasure.

  • Produce audit trails of PII data management actions.

"Transforming enterprise data into a strategic asset that can be used to cut costs, improve customer service, reduce risk exposure and otherwise increase stakeholder value is no longer a nice competitive advantage. It's a requirement of success for today's digital businesses," said N. Robert Hammer, chairman, president and CEO, Commvault. "With the introduction of the new Commvault Data Analytics Portfolio and its first application, we are delivering on our vision to push Commvault further into the analytics space while providing customers with the mission critical data capabilities needed to solve their real-world business challenges."

The general release of company's information governance for data privacy is targeted to be available by the end of December.

The firm's information governance for data privacy application helps enterprises develop action plans and data policies to meet the requirements of GDPR and other data privacy regulations automatically, consistently and at scale, while also proving to regulators that they have met their compliance obligations. With these capabilities, the application enables enterprises to reduce the risk of fines (up to €20 million or 4% of a company’s annual global turnover), reputational loss and other consequences for GDPR non-compliance, while also increasing their customers’ trust in their ability to appropriately handle and protect their personal data.

The company’s information governance for data privacy  will be distributed directly and through its broad global network of partners, with many of them offering services to help customers maximize the benefits of the application. Commvault said its portfolio of analytic applications, capabilities, solutions and services will be continually built upon over the next 18 months