Google Almost Ready to Launch Files Go

New file manager for Android-based phone
By Philippe Nicolas on 2017.11.10

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Current phone offers high storage capacity and it's pretty common to buy 64GB or 128GB of capacity.

This is huge and at the same time, some computer vendors sell machine with also 128GB of flash. Funny right? So if you use a strong file manager on your computer why not on your phone. And last point, your phone is a computer able to connect to a phone networks in addition to Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS.

It exists plenty of file managers you can download on Google Play and the giant from Mountain View finally never released any strong product in that space. The current version of Files Go is today in public beta available from this link, and you need Android 5.0 minimum. After you download the app, you need to accept a "Trusted Tester Agreement" in order to use it. The official launch is scheduled for December.

With two views - Storage and Files -, it offers the capability to free space, to empty the cache, to check space occupied by your files - video, music, images, large files, downloaded files, documents, etc. - and able to track duplicates, unused applications, etc., in other words 3 functions: system cleanup, file management and transfer files. It gives also the capability to transfer files via a P2P Wifi connection.

With the recent announcement of Pixel2, Google promotes infinite cloud storage, so we expect a transparent tiering capability between Files Go and Google Drive with a easy to setup and simple file policies based on age, size, etc. like a traditional HSM finally but also like the current Google Camera and Google Photos integration.

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