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71% CAGR in Customer Purchases in State, Local and Education Vertical for Nutanix

Adoption of AHV hypervisor grew by 214% in past fiscal year with SLED customers.
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Nutanix, Inc. announced that, from the start of its fiscal year 2015, which began on August 1, 2014, to the end of its fiscal year 2017, which ended on July 31, 2017, the company saw a 71% CAGR in total purchase counts made by state, local and education (SLED) customers.

SLED customers, which include entities such as the City of Plano, the City of Redmond, Clark County Nevada, Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, TX A&M University System, and Western Washington University, have selected its enterprise cloud software because of its range of workloads, and ability to simplify and scale datacenter operations, deliver cost savings and support hybrid cloud strategies. In addition, SLED customers have been drawn to Nutanix because it provides them with the freedom to choose hardware, hypervisor and cloud.

However, even with the array of hypervisor options, many SLED customers have opted to use AHV, the Nutanix hypervisor. In the past fiscal year, the company has seen rapid adoption of AHV for its ability to simplify datacenter operations and lower operating costs. Customers that deploy AHV as their primary hypervisor have eliminated third-party virtualization licensing costs given that tthe firm incorporates AHV seamlessly into its infrastructure stack so customers no longer have to purchase a standalone, additional product from a third-party provider. Given that the benefits of AHV directly correspond with the needs of SLED IT teams, adoption of AHV has grown by 214% since the end of fiscal year 2016 to the end of fiscal year 2017 in the SLED market.

SLED customers have also been drawn to Nutanix for its ability to support a range of workloads. These include business applications from Microsoft and Oracle, big data applications from Splunk, end-user computing and VDI, emergency communications and operations applications, public utilities billing, video surveillance and more. Customers have seen benefits ranging from bringing simplicity and scale to datacenter operations, lowering costs and datacenter footprint, and gaining the ability to support hybrid cloud strategies.

"After installing Nutanix, our team found the product incredibly easy to use and we've seen immediate, major cost savings," said Jason Olivarez, senior systems administrator for the system offices' ITS department, Texas A&M University System. "With Nutanix, our team can now keep up with all of our support calls, and also work on more strategic issues involving security, and deploying new applications and services. We've also since saved tens of thousands of dollars in ongoing expenses every year after deploying AHV and using one of the two Nutanix systems off-site."

"The Nutanix solution provided us with the functionality, scalability, and resiliency we needed to help us move forward with our next generation program," said Chris Chiancone, CIO, City of Plano. "After considering many options we chose Nutanix to replace our old and aging three-tier equipment because it met our needs and extended functionality in our DR data center as well as a variety of mission-critical and highly sensitive technology including our ERPs and police body cameras. This trust has been established because of the performance and vendor relationship, and the platform's immediate improvements to our environment, and ultimately, the services we deliver to the citizens of Plano."

"Our Nutanix solution has given us unparalleled flexibility to buy what we need initially and grow as necessary," said Lester Lewis, deputy CIO, Clark County. "Using Nutanix, we were able to move away from our legacy environment to a more efficient, cost effective and faster product tool that requires less effort and work to manage. We're hoping to install Nutanix for additional departments in the county and we see many more opportunities to deploy solutions that our customers will appreciate."

"As stewards for states, local government, and educational institutions, most of Nutanix's SLED customers are charged with managing taxpayer dollars and have an even greater investment in finding the best and most cost-effective solutions in the market," said John Pellettiere, nation sales director, SLED, Nutanix. "We make sure to align ourselves with that mission to ensure that Nutanix's products best meet the specific price and infrastructure needs of our customers in the SLED verticals so that they can continue to improve public services for their communities. We're thrilled that our customers have trusted us with their infrastructure and to better service the needs and demand of our SLED business across the United States, we have more than doubled the size of our SLED team over the last two fiscal years."

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