Goodrich Assigned Patent

Monitoring serial bus
By Francis Pelletier on 2017.11.09

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Goodrich Corporation, Charlotte, NC, has been assigned a patent (9,798,643) developed by Jarok, Jonathan C., Chelmsford, MA, and Ramsey, Scott W., Northbridge, MA, for a "system and method of monitoring a serial bus."

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: "A system and method are provided for managing internal-computer system communications in an SPI management system. The system includes a storage device, at least one serial bus interface to interface with a serial bus, and a processing unit that accesses via the at least one serial bus interface, master data propagating from a master device along the serial bus. The processing unit stores, in the storage device, at least one of timing and phase data related to clock pulses associated with the master data, and a phase relationship between the clock pulses and at least one of the master data and return data propagating from a slave device in response to the master data.

The patent application was filed on July 17, 2015 (14/802,764).