Milestone: 50,000 News Published on

Since inception just ten years ago
By Jean Jacques Maleval on 2017.11.08

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Leader in daily information on the worldwide storage industry,, born in November 2007 after several years on monthly paper, and celebrating ten anniversary years of existence, has currently 50,000 news published on the web site, all of them available for free up to now.

19 news have been published daily on average - excluding Saturday and Sunday -, including the daily Top News being the more appreciated by visitors.

Since the launch of this web site on November 14, 2007, we have just missed five days for technical reasons.

We preview to reach next milestone, 60,000 news published, around March 2019.

First news published on November 14, 2007:
From SanDisk, Flash-based Accelerator to Speed Up System Performance in Consumer Laptops and PCs

Below is the percentage of visitors by country for last month, according to Google Analytics, corresponding to 54,804 unique visitors and 127,349 page views. These percentages confirm that USA is the country of storage. No doubt.

Country % of visitors
USA 50.8%
UK 4.8%
India 3.9%
Japan 3.9%
Germany 3.5%
France 3.2%
Singapore 2.2%
Taiwan 2.2%
Canada 1.8%
Australia 1.3%
Others 22.4%
TOTAL 100%

Who are the visitors
When we consult the current list of subscribed visitors receiving daily our newsletter by email - currently 30,964 - they are, of course, hardware manufacturers and software publishers, but the bulk of them are from the channel (integrators, VARs, VADs, resellers, distributors, ISVs, etc). These guys need to know regularly what's happening in the worldwide storage industry, to get more information more about their suppliers, new ones, new storage concepts - generally coming from start-ups -, and products to orientate their strategy.

There are few end users, but big ones. When a small company wants to update its storage infrastructure, it needs information and look at our web site. But, when the system is finally installed, they don't need to follow daily the storage market. In the world, only big companies have people full-time involved in storage. In smaller ones, it's generally the IT or network manager.

We thank all of our subscribers for their loyalty. got a total of 194 different storage companies as advertisers, for banners or email blasts, since inception of this offering in 2010. The first one was Druva, the latest one being Open-E. Thanks also to all of them.