CloudJumper: Integration of Acronis Backup Cloud With nWorkSpace WaaS Platform

Protection for all data in all environments, leaving user in control of what to protect and where to keep protected data
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.10.13

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CloudJumper completed a one-year study of its data protection infrastructure and initiatives to reveal data recovery performance.

The organization's backup and DR infrastructure is made possible in part through the integration of Acronis Backup Cloud with the nWorkSpace WaaS platform. Marking a one-year anniversary since implementing the data protection software in its transaction nWorkSpace environment, the company is reporting data recovery results across a client base covering tens of thousands of customers.

Acronis Backup Cloud is currently deployed across the firm's WaaS environment as part of the platform's service package. Based on hybrid cloud architecture, it provides protection for all data in all environments, leaving the user in full control of what to protect and where to keep the protected data. It supports more than twenty platforms and allows data migration from one environment to another.

Unlike, desktop as a service deployments which provide an empty desktop container, a company's workspace provides a complete office on-demand, in the cloud. Customers select from a library of applications which are delivered to the client so that the same 'workspace' follows the assigned account regardless of computing device. In addition to broad application availability within the platform, client data is also accessed and managed within the environment. This data is backed up and replicated to remote locations for immediate recovery when required.

With the recent anti-malware advances by Acronis International GmbH, which extend the functionality of Backup Cloud, the software will further support defensive initiatives against malicious threats, including ransomware. Such attacks, that include the recent Wannacry and NotPetya ransomware, have affected millions of computers by stopping access to data until a financial payment was submitted. In many cases these malware variants found their way into backup sets, corrupting the ability to properly recover the criminally encrypted information. The nWorkSpace backup infrastructure prevents these actions from taking place.

In the most recent development by Acronis, the backup provider has countered the potential malefactions of ransomware with Active Protection, an artificial intelligence-based technology that detects and stops ransomware, and automatically reverses its effects.

"We have been impressed with the comprehensive functionality of Acronis Backup Cloud within the nWorkSpace environment," said Max Pruger, chief sales officer, CloudJumper. "As a backup and recovery solution that has been time-tested across the large pool of clients in our unified workspace infrastructure, we can attest to the software's ability to reliably recover data when required. The anti-malware functionality will further support the success of our partners and customers."

About CloudJumper
CloudJumper is a workspace as a service (WaaS) platform for the agile business. The company is run by a group of industry pioneers who helped cultivate the cloud computing industry from the earliest days of the millennium. Over its history, the team built its nWorkSpace WaaS solution working with strategic partners such as Microsoft, Intuit, Google, and others. The company continues to innovate for today's cloud market. The firm recently introduced a robust, ground-to-cloud partner portal, allowing for complete end customer management, and a fast customer migrations with JumpStart. The company's markets its solutions through the channel offering both white label and agency programs.