Raidix 4.5 Software-Defined Storage Software

Boost performance in multi-stream mode and deliver record read and write speeds with small blocks.
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Raidix Corporation announces Raidix 4.5 edition of its software-defined storage technology.

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This management software powers performance storage systems and ensures fault-tolerance even in case of multiple drive failure. V4.5 encompasses a number of improvements that boost performance in the multi-stream mode and deliver record read and write speeds with small blocks.

Raidix 4.5 functionality includes:

  • SSD cache. Random read requests are cached in the first-level storage. It stores request statistics for all cache pages. As a result, seldom-requested cache pages are made free of records, frequently read pages are copied on the second-level cache, whereas the most demanded pages remain in the first-level cache (HDD).
    The company employs a proprietary algorithm for cache eviction. Second-level caching is performed sequentially to minimize the write amplification effect. Write requests classified as 'random' are cached onto SSD or flash.

  • Automatic write-through. A host receives confirmation only after the data has been written on the drives. At that, 'dirty' cache segments are not sent to the second controller so the sync channel remains unloaded.

  • Volume scalability. In the course of configuration, a virtual volume can be placed on top of multiple arrays. It allows the user to extend volume capacity by adding new arrays to the infrastructure.

  • Multi-threading. The in-built sequence detector used for sequential input-output operations can identify up to 100 parallel threads and adaptively define the right cache size for each thread to avoid redundant caching.

  • SAN storage virtualization. V4.5 allows for virtualization of third-party block storage systems. Storage resources can be forwarded directly via Raidix or used in a unified resource pool for creating volumes. Thus, the administrator has the opportunity to centralize all storage resources in a single access point, ensuring greater flexibility of IT infrastructure management.

This edition adds a hybrid (HDD/SDD) architecture catering to versatile business needs, advanced sequential multi-streaming, as well as consolidation of siloed third party systems. The commercial benefits involve optimal utilization of hardware resources for top performance, decreased TCO and cost-efficient scalability of existing infrastructures.

Raidix V4.5, is available to system integrators and end customers of storage systems worldwide.

The Raidix team will also present the new solution at PROSTOR forum - the largest storage event in Eastern Europe. PROSTOR 2017 will take place on October 26, 2017, at the Skolkovo Innovation Center (Moscow) hosting speakers and attendees from Broadcom, HGST (a Western Digital brand), Mellanox, Micron, Panasonic, SanDisk (a Western Digital brand) and others.

At the same forum, Raidix and Panasonic will showcase their co-branded RAIDIX ICE solution for long-term (up to 100 years) storage - building on the RAIDIX management software and freezeray technology from Panasonic Corporation.