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Infortrend Service Manager and Service Portals Allow Support for Storage Systems

Monitoring storage systems, which helps to identify common critical events
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.10.11

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Infortrend Technology, Inc. announced its enhanced services with a revamped Service Manager and redesigned website service portals to let users manage and maintain their systems, access support related features, and request for technical services.

The Service Manager integrated into the central management tool EonOne can monitor storage systems, which helps to identify common critical events that need help from the company quickly. Furthermore, with a streamlined configuration, its setup is easier, with the user just needing to follow the setup wizard.

When an event occurs, Service Manager will judge its severity, and in the case of critical events such as hardware failure (power supply unit, drives, etc.) or firmware diagnostic errors, it will automatically deliver a warning message to notify users and create a service request to the company's Service Center to speed up the issue fixing process. Parts can be exchanged quickly for RMA issues, while other problems such as system issues can also be quickly solved. Users can also manually request service through Service Manager and view request history and tracking status.

The redesigned support portals on the firm's website groups all service and support related features together, allowing users to easily obtain the latest firmware, guides, and other documents, get answers to frequently asked questions and request for online technical support, and access various warranty and repair services policies and service requests.

"Storage system uptime is critical for business operations. With Infortrend Service Manager and our new web design for support, our services are now more responsive and easier to access, providing our customers quicker service and support," said Thomas Kao, senior director, product planning, Infortrend.