Ugur Tigli CTO, Minio

After 18 years at Bank of America
By Philippe Nicolas on 2017.10.09

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Ugur Tigli just published a post on LinkedIn explaining his motivation to join Minio, Inc. as CTO after 18 years at Bank of America. He was recently SVP of hardware engineering and previously he led all storage engineering related activities (SAN, NAS, even CAS - genesis of object storage - and of course software). He has Turkish roots.

Minio is an open source object storage software built for large scale enterprise deployments, designed with ease of use, with multi-cloud support and scale in mind from day one, with now 8k GitHub stars. And to give a market perspective, outside of Minio, only two other open source object storage projects - Ceph and Swift - are considered serious, others are really toys with very limited market traction.

Tigli's experience will boost Minio and will be an advantage in large enterprise especially finance beyond developers community. One other comment also confirmed is the multi-cloud strategy for end-users especially for larges ones, which is illustrated for several months now with all the announcements made by storage vendors around Google Cloud Platform and above all Microsoft Azure.

The team is important for an investor and for Minio it's very small team that has made already an impact with its object storage, serving as references in multiple domain with some competitors using tools developed by this brilliant start-up. Amazing.

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