Qnap TS-453BT3 Four-Bay Thunderbolt 3 NAS With Pre-Installed QM2 PCIe Card

Two M.2 2280 SATA SSD slots, one 10GBASE-T LAN, two Gigabit LAN, two HDMI v1.4b and five USB 3.0 ports
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Qnap Systems, Inc. unveiled the TS-453BT3, a 4-bay NAS that combines high-speed Thunderbolt 3 connectivity with a pre-installed QM2 PCIe card, providing dual M.2 SATA SSD slots and 10GbE connectivity.

Along with its sleek OLED display and 4K HDMI output, the TS-453BT3 provides SMBs, workgroups and media professionals with a feature-rich and performance storage solution.

The TS-453BT3 is powered by an Celeron J3455 quad-core 1.5GHz processor (burst up to 2.3GHz) with dual-channel 8GB DDR3L RAM. The pre-installed QM2 card provides SSD caching and 10GbE connectivity, helping to provide
up to 683MB/s read speeds. It also includes a free RM-IR004 remote control that can be coupled with the QButton app to provide one-touch functionality for everyday operations.

QM2 PCIe card,
providing dual M.2 SATA SSD slots
and 10GbE connectivity

Featuring two Thunderbolt 3 ports that deliver up to 514MB/s read speeds, the TS-453BT3 provides an collaborative 4K media editing platform for Mac and Windows users, allowing sharing of large media files to improve productivity. It also provides a Thunderbolt-to-Ethernet (T2E) converter, allowing computers without Ethernet ports (such as MacBook Pro) to access 10GbE network resources over a Thunderbolt connection. The TS-453BT3 supports block-based snapshots, allowing users to backup and restore the NAS to a previous state in the event of an unexpected NAS failure or when struck by a ransomware attack.

"In the 4K era, media professionals often face the challenges of slow connections and insufficient storage capacity. The Qnap TS-453BT3 tackles these problems with Thunderbolt 3 and 10GbE connectivity, M.2 SSD caching, and expandable storage, helping users to streamline production workflows while providing sufficient storage space for creative works," said Jason Hsu, product manager, Qnap.

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Featuring the latest QTS 4.3 OS, the TS-453BT3 series provides a range of applications from the built-in App Center: Qsirch provides full-text search for quickly finding files; IFTTT Agent and Qfiling help automate user workflows for improved efficiency and productivity; Qsync and Hybrid Backup Sync simplifies file sharing and syncing across devices; QmailAgent and Qcontactz allow management of multiple email accounts and contact information.

Key specs:

  • TS-453BT3-8G: Four-bay tower model; Quad-core Celeron J3455 1.5GHz processor (burst up to 2.3GHz), dual-channel 8GB DDR3L SODIMM RAM; hot-swappable 2.5"/3.5" 6Gb SATA HDD/SSD; two Thunderbolt 3 ports; two M.2 2280 SATA SSD slots and one 10GBASE-T LAN port (pre-installed QM2 PCIe card); two Gigabit LAN ports; two HDMI v1.4b (up to 4K UHD); five USB 3.0 ports (one front; four rear); OLED display with touch-sensitive buttons.

The TS-453BT3 series is available.