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Talon Storage Solutions Entering Into NetApp Alliance Program

To provide next gen enterprise software-defined storage

Talon Storage Solutions, Inc. announced its entry into the NetApp Alliance Program.

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Through participation in the NetApp program, the company and NetApp, Inc. will provide joint customers with global access to centralized, resilient, secure ONTAP storage repositories regardless of user geography or location, and without the need for distributed file servers, replication, or synchronization.

Global enterprises are increasingly looking for opportunities to leverage the scale and flexibility of either their own datacenters or the cloud, and one of the key targets for exploitation remains unstructured data stores. The combination of  the company and NetApp offerings delivers a topology which allows distributed file servers to be consolidated into a single physical ONTAP instance in a secure and high managed location, thereby reducing both cost and risk while increasing business agility.

We’re excited about the potential for our customers to leverage the Talon FAST solution to be able to consolidate file server footprint onto their ONTAP 9 platforms, extending the inherent flexibility, scale, and security of NetApp solutions to users throughout the global enterprise,” said Anthony Lye, SVP, cloud business unit, NetApp.

Users of ONTAP 9 software will be able to leverage the company’s FAST across all three implementations of ONTAP to meet their needs, including ONTAP 9 (targeted for general on-premises enterprise use), ONTAP Cloud (for enterprise data management in the cloud) and even ONTAP Select (for a software-only data management solution).

FAST enables a global fabric which gives virtually any enterprise location the ability to access and use centralized file shares as they traditionally have their local file servers, without changing user experience or workflow. The combination of a distributed network file system, caching and global locking allows globally distributed enterprises to operate under a central storage system view. This ability to ‘centralize’ data has benefits as enterprises decommission costly-to-maintain file servers around the globe. FAST optimizes the flow of information through the enterprise, enabling all locations and users to work from the same set of data.

While our technology is truly storage-agnostic, the reality is that we work with some of the most demanding file sharing users in the world – and many trust their most critical data to the ONTAP platform,” said Andy Mullen, SVP, sales and marketing, Talon. “The NetApp alliance brings these customers a way to maximize their NetApp investment and value through a validated global fabric for data access that makes their NetApp datacenter and cloud resources available to all users, regardless of their geography or location.

Storage agnostic the Taalon FAST is available as a site-based annual subscription from the firm’s network of partners, or directly via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.