SoftIron From UK Got $7 Million Funding

And introduces zero-risk enterprise storage.
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.09.12

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Born in 2012 and based in London, UK, SoftIron Limited completed a $7 million funding round led by Earth Capital Partners (ECP) through its Nobel Sustainability Fund initiative.

ECP invests in sustainable technology sectors to accelerate companies for growth, expansion, and acquisition. It made the investment because SoftIron has re-designed enterprise storage from the ground up to be energy efficient while delivering performance.

Richard Smith, ECP partner, explains: "The Nobel Sustainability Fund helps drive innovation with positive sustainability. Resource efficiency, particularly regarding energy, is critical when paired with solutions that offer compelling financial, performance, and commercial benefits. This is what SoftIron is aggressively targeting, and we are excited to support SoftIron at a critical point in the company's development and expansion."

Introducing Zero-Risk Enterprise storage
SoftIron believes that it's time to give enterprises better choices and a fair deal when it comes to purchasing new storage. High-end storage vendors can be far from easy to work with due to vendor-lock-in and expensive contracts. DIY solutions that use a software-defined storage (SDS) platform and commodity hardware are less expensive, but tend to be less reliable. Neither option is ideal.

SoftIron has redesigned how enterprises buy
and utilize storage with its zero-risk approach:

  • Transparent, upfront pricing. Customer-friendly approach eliminates expensive contracts and steep upfront capital outlays.
  • Freedom from software vendor lock-in. HyperDrive storage platform interoperates with any other solution running Ceph. Enterprises can now build a cost-effective data center that scales in both capacity and throughput.
  • One-vendor solution. The company designs, builds, and supports the entire HyperDrive technology stack. In addition to substantial cost and performance benefits, enterprises no longer need to deal with multiple vendors.
  • Try HyperDrive for 90 days. Enterprises can test drive a 192TB pre-configured trial cluster in their own data center for around 1 cent/GB/month.

"We strongly believe that enterprises should have more choices when it comes to storage," says Tim Massey, SoftIron CEO. "Our engineers have shattered the traditional limitations of storage to create HyperDrive, an SDS appliance that is built on Ceph and runs at wire speed. We've also made it easy to try a pre-configured 192TB HyperDrive cluster with a simple path to turn it into a production-ready cluster after the trial ends."

The HyperDrive trial package includes:

  • 192TB raw capacity in 5U space
  • 4 storage nodes
  • 1 combined monitor and administrator node (expandable for production scale-out)
  • 10GBaseT networking
  • Consultation with a firm's storage expert
  • Hardware and software technical support