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Quantum Xcellis Workflow Storage With Veritone aiWARE Artificial Intelligence Platform

Provides on-premise cognitive analytics, empowering users to unlock unrealized value of media content
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.09.08

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Quantum Corp. announced aiWARE for Xcellis, an on-premise and cloud version of the artificial intelligence (AI) platform from Veritone, Inc.

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Bringing Veritone's multi-engine AI capabilities into a StorNext-managed environment, aiWARE for Xcellis enables users to leverage the power of Veritone's cognitive services and applications - beginning with OCR, object detection and speech-to-text transcription as the first network-isolated engines - to extract new value from their on-premise video and audio content. Situating powerful AI processing behind corporate firewalls, the integrated solution is for companies with investments in on-premise storage and/or latency, cost or security concerns about cloud storage.

Maximizing media value with AI
Using cognitive engines to delve deeper and faster into their content, media companies can gain greater insights and drive increased business and organizational success.

For example, aiWARE for Xcellis enables users to:

  • create more customized video-on-demand offerings through metadata tagging of existing content.

  • provide better ROI data to sponsors by identifying where and how often logos, as well as spoken and text brand integrations, appear in broadcast media and redistributed clips.

  • accelerate post-production work through enhanced context-based search and discovery.

Optimizing cognitive analytics
Cognitive engines can deliver greater value when they have more data to analyze. The combination of the company's StorNext-powered Xcellis with aiWARE enables users to apply AI to on-premise content that previously could not be leveraged for this purpose and to add new content for analysis as that content is captured. The integrated solution also provides the option to leverage Veritone's continuously evolving array of cognitive engines in the cloud, either exclusively or in concert with on-premise engines, when desired or appropriate.

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Availability and deployment options
aiWARE for Xcellis is available from the company and its reseller partners, with three initial deployment options: 'Embedded' for containerized deployment on an existing Xcellis workflow storage system, 'Standard' delivered on an Xcellis Application Director for more processing performance, and 'High Performance' based on an enhanced Xcellis Application Director with additional processing cores and expanded memory. The integrated solution can scale with additional appliances as the environment grows.

Quantum will highlight this solution at IBC2017, September 15-19, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, showcasing the three initial on-premise cognitive engines and integrated access to cloud-based engines. The company will add support for additional on-premise engines over the course of the year and beyond.

Nick Gold, chief revenue officer, Chesapeake Systems LLC, said: "Our customers are extremely excited about the prospect of using cognitive engines to mine their content repositories. Up until the availability of aiWARE for Xcellis, they haven't seen a way to smoothly integrate AI processing with their on-premise content. Quantum's approach solves the on-premise challenges while maintaining access to cloud-based engines and orchestration of everything for fantastic flexibility and options."

Keith Lissak, senior director, marketing, media and entertainment solutions, Quantum, said: "The integration of AI with on-premise storage enables organizations to apply cognitive analytics to video and audio content and generate much more robust metadata without the cost and hassle of moving their extensive media libraries to the cloud. This will be a game-changing capability for many media companies, as it opens up new realms of possibility for monetizing these libraries."

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