Infinidat Preparing 4.0 Release

Synchronous replication to be added
By Philippe Nicolas on 2017.09.08

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Like every year approximately at the same period, Infinidat Ltd. reveals a new major release and this year the company should announce soon its 4.0 release with several key new features and enhancements.

Expecting for a few quarters now, the company will deliver a synchronous replication mode to support very demanding environments that don't tolerate any data loss. This capability is critical for some vertical use cases such financial services, telecommunications or healthcare, three segments addressed by Infinidat with many successes.

There will be also some new flavors of iSCSI, NFS and QoS and other things.

And Infinidat prepares a cloud offering to be launched in 1Q18 and we’ll get more details in the next few weeks.

With Nimble Storage acquired by HPE last April and recent announcement about Tegile being acquired by Western Digital, Infinidat is the last significant hybrid storage array vendors still independent even if the two others have made some interesting all-flash additions.