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iXsystems: TrueNAS Enterprise Storage Array OS Version 11.0

Improves storage performance by "up to 25%", decreases latency by "up to 45%", enables customers to deploy private or hybrid storage solution.
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iXsystems, Inc. announces version 11.0 of the TrueNAS enterprise storage array OS.

TrueNAS TrueFlash

TrueNAS 11.0 represents the latest generation of TrueNAS software for the line of enterprise storage arrays and is available to all new and existing company's customers. It introduces support for the object-based Amazon simple storage service (S3) API. Customers can now test, develop, and deploy applications on TrueNAS as part of a private or hybrid cloud, avoiding the pitfalls of public clouds.

Combined with VMware, Citrix, and Veeam certifications, the TrueNAS Z product line makes a datastore for ESXi VMs, XenServer VMs, and Veeam backup images. TrueNAS users will benefit from the overall systematic, architectural, and performance improvements in TrueNAS 11.0. Testing indicates that certain storage operations, such as serving up files, operate up to 25% faster with an up to 45% reduction of latency than the same storage operations using TrueNAS 9.10.

Product highlights:

  • Unified: Simultaneous file, block, and object protocols to support multiple applications.

  • Reliable: Uses the OpenZFS file system, which ensures data integrity with best-in-class replication, snapshotting, and protection against data corruption and decay.

  • Safe: HA option for continuous data availability. You can replicate data remotely or locally to any product in the iXsystems storage lineup.

  • Trusted: Built on iXsystems FreeNAS, a software-defined storage solution with over 9 million downloads.

  • Solid: 24/7 white-glove support and enterprise features such as compression, deduplication, and thin-provisioning.

  • Consistent: Provision and manage S3-compatible object storage using extensions to the GUI interface found in TrueNAS 9.10.

  • Protects VMs: TrueNAS is certified by Citrix, VMware, and Veeam, helping to accelerate the ROI when deploying it in support of virtualization or backup/archive solutions.

In addition to adding S3 compatibility and performance gains for file and block protocols, TrueNAS 11 introduces new alerting capabilities with support for AWS-SNS, Hipchat, InfluxDB, Slack, MatterMost, OpsGenie, PagerDuty, and VictorOps. This feature is one of the many improvements to the TrueNAS architecture that make it the compute and storage appliance for mission-critical business usage.

TrueNAS X10

The company also announces the availability of the TrueNAS X10, an entry level enterprise storage solution that is for mission-critical workloads such as file sharing, backups, and replication. It was announced on June 6, 2017 and has seen strong demand due to its entry price, offering 20TB of enterprise-grade storage for under $10,000 and providing scalability to 360TB. The TrueNAS X10 ships with TrueNAS 11.0, allowing SMBs and others to use the TrueNAS X10 to share Amazon S3-compatible storage.

TrueNAS 11.0 also runs on the TrueNAS X10, Z20, Z30, Z35, and the Z50 TrueFlash. It updates are available through the software updater, a component of the user interface. TrueNAS customers will be alerted of the availability of the TrueNAS 11.0-U2 update.