Buffalo: TeraStation 5810DN 8-Bay NAS Desktop Chassis

£1,649 for TS5810DN1604 16TB (4x4TB drives), £3.000 for TS5810DN3204 32TB (4x8TB drives), £2,500 for TS5810DN3208 32TB (8x4TB drives), and £5,300 for TS5810DN6408 64TB (8x8TB drives)
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.08.11

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Buffalo Technologie EU BV launches the TeraStation 5810DN, a performance, large capacity NAS solution for businesses.

Featuring one native 10GbE port, the device's components are housed in a metal chassis. The TeraStation 5810DN is a desktop device with NAS-grade HDDs for integration and higher overall system quality. It is available as an eight-bay unit with either four or eight HDDs included.

TeraStation 5810DN rear

Raj Patel, manager, B2B, Buffalo Europe, says: "The basic models are four-drive and partially-populated systems. This makes sense for businesses looking to address higher storage needs whilst having an upgrade path in the same chassis".

Patel continues: "Customers can purchase spare HDDs from Buffalo that hae been through a zero-write, pre-test pocess which assesses each sector of the drive. Not only does this mean businesses get a higher quality drive but it also makes the process easier. Businesses don't have to source the drives and they are provided with one point of resolution for all hardware issues."

Key features that make this system a choice for businesses are private cloud functionality, third party cloud backup (Amazon S3, Dropbox), enhanced security options, advanced Active Directory integration and three years' warranty including the firm's VIP service for TeraStation.

Designed to perform and grow:

  • TS5810 features:

      • Eight-bay desktop chassis

      • Four HDDs partially populated - 16 and 32TB

      • Eight HDDs fully populated - 32 and 64TB

      • 4GB DDR3 ECC RAM

      • VMware ESXi 6.5 Certified (NFS and iSCSI)

      • Quad-core Annapurna Labs processor

      • Native 10GbE connectivity

      • Industrial grade internal power supply for higher quality and ease of use

      • Pre-Configured RAID allowing faster and more consistent deployment

      • Simultaneous NAS und iSCSI target functionality

      • Supported RAID levels: JBOD/0/1/5/6/10

      • Rsync support: Backup up the TeraStation to an existing rsync-compatible company or non-firm device and vice versa

      • Three years warranty and VIP service, including TeraStation replacement and 24h HDD exchange

      • Optional one or two year warranty extensions available


  • Four drive systems:

      • TS5810DN1604 16TB (4x4TB NAS-grade drives) - £1,649

      • TS5810DN3204 32TB (4x8TB NAS-grade drives) - £2,999

  • Eight drive systems:

      • TS5810DN3208 32TB (8x4TB NAS-grade drives) - £2,499

      • TS5810DN6408 64TB (8x8TB NAS-grade drives) - £5,299