QStar: Flash Cloud Gateway With LTFS-Based Repository

Transparently manages data across on-premise storage infrastructures by automatically and continuously identifying and moving less active data to the cloud and within local LTFS as NAS archive
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.08.10

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QStar Technologies announces the launch of his enterprise Flash Cloud Gateway with an integrated LTFS-based repository.

The 3D Flash Tape Cloud Gateway (referred to below as 3D Gateway) is designed to meet the data-intensive archiving and protection needs of today's cloud era.

Built on the company's software technology, the 3D Gateway transparently manages data across on-premise storage infrastructures by automatically and continuously identifying and moving less active data to the cloud and within the local LTFS as NAS archive. The solution is totally transparent to users and applications, which continue to access the moved files with existing processes.

3D Gateway offers the combination of three technologies:

  • High performance with flash memory.

  • Low storage costs and high data security in the cloud.

  • Long-term archiving and low TCO costs with LTFS as NAS technology and local data availability, even in the event of a lack of network connection and quick restore of large files or capacity (several terabytes) that must be recovered quickly.

Nonstop data access, even when there is no cloud connection
The 3D Gateway solution guarantees continuous read/write access even when a cloud connection is unavailable, without a moment's interruption. The solution allows to archive in real time data you wish to migrate, store, copy, read or modify simultaneously in flash memory, in the chosen cloud (or more than one) and within the local LTFS archive based on a LTO tape library.

3D Gateway makes cloud storage look, feel and perform like local storage, and at the same time archive data locally within the cost-effective LTFS-based archive. Quickly integrate existing applications with public and private clouds using familiar NAS protocols (CIFS/NFS). 3D Gateway moves data within the cloud as target with no changes. Meanwhile it can perform real-time restoration of the data to its original location in a manner which is transparent to applications, network and users.

Compatible with major cloud providers in native mode
The 3D Gateway is compatible with major cloud providers in native mode, using specific protocols for each provider. You can simultaneously access several cloud providers at once and make multiple copies of your data. Several copies of the data can be made, including a local copy to the secure low-cost LTFS Archive.

Low storage costs and durability with LTO tape library
The local LTO tape library offers low storage costs compared with other storage technology. Aside from the financial benefits, LTO media technology offers a life cycle: data can be securely archived for years and even decades provided that the media is handled correctly in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, thus guaranteeing an archive life exceeding 30 years if stored at a temperature of 20°C.

"Endless data growth from on-premise infrastructures demands a simple and immediate approach to migrate, store, archive and safely manage data from traditional infrastructure to the cloud. The ground-breaking 3D Gateway solution represents an effective answer to the needs of today and tomorrow in an easy and straightforward manner," said Raffaele Persico, EVP, QStar.