Flash Memory Summit: Epostar Chooses PLDA’s PCIe Controller for Next-Gen NVMe-Based SSD Controller

Combining PCIe XpressRICH3-AXI IP controller with EpoStar's NVMe IP into performance SSD controller for enterprise and client applications
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PLDA announced that Epostar Electronics Corp. has created a platform combining PLDA's PCIe XpressRICH3-AXI IP controller with EpoStar's NVMe IP into a performance SSD controller designed for enterprise and client SSD applications.

EpoStar's solution features I/O performance, low power, and reliability, as well as ensuring user data integrity and flash error correction by providing full end-to-end data protection thanks to a ECC engine. EpoStar selected PCIe XpressRICH3-AXI IP controller for its ability to provide the high throughput and data integrity features mandatory for storage applications. The combined solution delivers a controller designed to offer the features and performance required by SSD design projects.

NVMe is a 'must have' for any PCIe SSD application, as it inherently lowers latency by offloading host CPU loads. The two companies have a multi-year history of partnerships, including an earlier PCIe and NVMe demo in 2016.

During the upcoming Flash Memory Summit to be held in Santa Clara, CA on August 8-10, 2017, PLDA hosted a demonstration of the combined EpoStar NVMe IP and XpressRICH3-AXI IP controller solution that showcases performance benchmarking for SSD applications.

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According to Minghau Lee, president, EpoStar, "EpoStar chose PLDA's XpressRICH3-AXI IP because it delivers both an ease of integration and a high level of design expertise in PCIe technology, combined with the technical support required for successful integration of the IP."

Arnaud Schleich, CEO, PLDA, stated "We have long enjoyed a true collaboration with EpoStar. Their leading work within the NVMe IP market sector ensures a best-in-class end product and robust SSD designs. They are a key partner in a strategic, high growth-rate market for PCIe technology."

XpressRICH3-AXI, offering integration at PCIe 3.0 speeds
XpressRICH4-AXI, offering PCIe 4.0 speeds
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