Flash Memory Summit: AccelStor Unveiled NeoSapphire H810 HA All-NVMe Flash Array

With FlexiRemap flash-oriented software technology
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.08.10

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AccelStor, Inc. announced a HA all-NVMe flash storage array, the NeoSapphire H810, accelerating the AI era with its performance, endurance and capacity topped with the company's FlexiRemap flash-oriented software technology.

The NeoSapphire H810 will help customers to remove their system bottlenecks by offering a truly user experience. Company's all-flash array products and technology will be on display at the Flash Memory Summit 2017, in Santa Clara, CA, USA, from August 8 to 10, 2017.

"The digital transformation is happening at an incredibly rapid pace with the ascent of the connected device, big data analysis and artificial intelligent evolution. These trends are creating tremendous opportunities and also challenges for us to deliver seamless, simple, sophisticated solutions," said Dr. Weafon Tsao, VP, AccelStor, "We are extremely excited about the new edge of NVMe flash. Integrating AccelStor's FlexiRemap technology with NVMe platform means we are able to live up to the potential of our storage solution for our performance-hungry enterprise customers with extreme low latency and maximized throughput, and furthermore, to assist them explore new business opportunities."

Dr. Weafon Tsao, was giving a presentation at the Flash Memory Summit, NVMeoF Enterprise All-Flash Arrays Offer Top Performance, on August 9 sharing AccelStor's vision and ambition about the latest NVMeoF flash technology.

Performance and low latency
By leveraging the latest generation of the Xeon Scalable Processor, the Purley platform increases up to 1.6x workload-optimized performance versus the prior generation. The NeoSapphire H810 is an all-NVMe flash array as 4U rack mount delivering over six million IO/s for 4KB random access. It delivers an overall performance increase of up to 600% compared to the previous NeoSapphire P310 all-NVMe flash array, accelerating today's modern-day workloads including artificial intelligence, deep learning, virtualization, HPC applications and digital content creation. The H810 comes with 100GbE connectivity supporting the demand from network admins for the highest data rates over a single connection.

True HA of NeoSapphire H810
Thanks for the FlexiRemap technology and shared-nothing architecture, the H810 accomplishes true HA with no single point of failure. Its symmetric active-active failover design and real-time data synchronization offers microsecond-level access latency and the essential zero downtime.

This approach is designed to provide no single point of failure and minimal service interruptions, and the company believes it is the way to true HA. To synchronize the data between two nodes, the company adopts a special approach for data transfer. The firm takes the conventional RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) technology to the next level. To transfer the data from node A to node B, company's patented technology will pack random 4KB I/O as a capsule. During the capsule transfer, it will efficiently reduce I/O latency and enable fast message synchronization with minimal CPU overhead.

Even under a massive random I/O workload, firm's HA extension software, combined with the backbone of the low-latency IB interlink, enables efficient data transfer between the two nodes. Therefore, incoming data can be synchronized in real time and safely preserved on both nodes.

Total package for data service software features
Powered by FlexiRemap software technology, the NeoSapphire H810 delivers features for data service, advanced redirect-on-write snapshot provides both data recovery and an efficient method for capacity and performance management. It also packs company's Free Clone feature, which enables copying of data stores in the vSphere environment without allocating physical capacity. Other handy tools include snapshot backup/recovery, remote replication, inline compression, FlexiDedupe, and the vSphere Web Client plug-in.