VAD Networks Unlimited Handling Rubrik Remote Cloud Backup

Into South Africa
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.07.17

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Networks Unlimited, an African VAD of converged technology, data centre, networking, and security technology solutions, announced the availability of Rubrik Edge.

Edge is an evolution of Rubrik's cloud-based data management platform - so remote offices can backup data locally, replicating it to central servers and archiving it securely to the cloud.

With Edge, firms can extend and automate the backup process. With anytime, anywhere access to the data, users can instantly access company information, wherever the data may reside, by searching a single, global index.

Anton Jacobsz, MD, Networks Unlimited, notes that Rubrik is a Silicon Valley's hot enterprise technology players: "They've managed to blend exceptional back-end solutions, with elegant and intuitive front-end interfaces - such as automation and predictive search features - to create a very easy-to-use experience."

Rubrik's core Cloud Data Management solution was named as a co-winner of the Gold Award for Best of VMworld 2016 in the data protection category.

"Rubrik Edge eliminates the need for complex infrastructure - enabling a broad range of critical data management functions in a single software fabric, and across multiple cloud environments," comments Jacobsz.

These functions cover the entire spectrum of backup and recovery, DR, archiving and compliance, search and analytics, to copy data management.

Jacobsz adds that advanced solutions like Edge help local organisations to see the 'bigger picture' when it comes to data: "It's no longer about merely backing up and being able to access information. It's about organising, contextualising, and distributing insights to power better decision-making and spur collaboration among teams."

"Data is truly the lifeblood that runs through the body of any organisation. Managing and deriving value from one's data should be one of the biggest boardroom priorities," he adds.

With this goal in mind, Edge delivers six benefits to CIOs looking to advance their data management in an increasingly cloud-based, distributed world:

  • Automation: Users click to assign out-of-the-box data management policies to VMs and applications - selecting the backup frequency, retention duration, location and other data policies.
  • Unified console: With an intuitive, response Web interface (using HTML 5), users gain visibility into their VMs, databases, applications, snapshots, SLA policies, storage usage, ingest throughput, and more.
  • Compliance reports: Ensuring that local firms comply with data protection and governance laws by adjusting the policies to suit their region. Real-time alerts let one know when any issues arise.
  • Network and storage savings: Reduce transfer and storage costs by sending reduplicated data for replicating back to the central data centre.
  • Instant recovery: Users can recall any VMs by mounting onto Rubrik.
  • Predictive search: Users get a 'Google-like' experience with predictive search capabilities that scan every file in one's global databases.