ObjectiveFS, Shared Cloud File System Again …

With market momentum around cloud file system
By Philippe Nicolas on 2017.07.14

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Objective Security Corp., founded 13 years ago, has created ObjectiveFS first time released in August 2013.

It is a distributed file system, Posix compliant, that runs on top of object stores back-ends such as Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage or even 'local' object storage products.

The company was founded by Grace Nordin, CEO, and Thomas Nordin, CTO. Grace came from Google, Facebook, Oracle, Freescale and Intel with some time spent as researcher at Carnegie Mellon. Thomas worked for three years at Galois Inc. before creating Objective Security Corp. with Grace. We also found four other employees on LinkedIn for a total of six.

The company, based in Mountain View, CA, seems to operate with private ownership without any external funding.

The product can runs on EC2 instances or on your own IT resources such as servers, containers or even laptops. It is designed as a log-structured file system with a persistent storage layer represented by object stores. It’s FUSE-based for Linux and MacOS and is fully transparent for file-based applications.

All updates and changes are visible to all machines, wherever they run, on-premise or in the cloud. Multiple writers are possible to the same file system with immediate data visibility by all other machines. Data are secured by a strong encryption mechanism as soon as data leave servers.

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In term of pricing, there are three options with a 14-day trial:

  Startup Business Enterprise
Monthly price $29 $299 Contact ObjectiveFS
Instances included 2 10 Unlimited
Price per extra instance $9/$61  $20/$151 Included
Storage2 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of file systems Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
AWS S3 backend2 Y Y Y
Google GCS backend2 Y Y Y
On-premise object store3     Y
End-to-end encryption Y Y Y
Strong data integrity checks Y Y Y
Snapshots: automatic Y Y Y
Snapshots: checkpoint   Y Y
Multi-threading   Y Y
File system pool   Y Y
User/group ID mapping   Y Y
Proxy support   Y Y
Admin mode   Y Y
Local license check     Y
S3 transfer acceleration     Y
Customization     Y
AWS KMS encryption     Y
Email support  Priority Priority
Phone support   Y
Onboarding consultation     Y
Optimization support     Y
SLA options available     Y
1 Volume discount (lower price) applies to the 26th instance and up.
2 AWS S3 and Google GCS charges are not included.
3 On-premise object stores supported include Ceph, IBM Cleversafe, HGST Active Archive, Cloudian, etc.

The product is pretty similar to JuiceFS that we presented few days ago.