Lola Home-Based Storage Solution by French Sonora Labs

Starting at €300 for 1TB version, user could earn up to 50€ per month by renting unused storage
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What if you could earn up to 50€ per month by renting unused storage?

Lola by Sonora Labs SAS, is a home-based, secure and energy efficient storage solution based on three ethical fields:

  • Green IT

  • Privacy

  • Revenue sharing

Lola owners decide how much storage capacity they agree to share. The company rents that space and operate it as a CDN.

Lola is aiming at uberising the current internet infrastructure: It wants to free the data from the datacenters and reinvent the Internet.

Lola is a personal storage device operated remotely as a 'virtual data center' for a decentralized and collaborative vision of the internet.

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Lola not just another home storage device:

  • It's a personal cloud that respects customers privacy from commercial data exploitation

  • It's a user friendly/voice controlled smart media center powered by Amazon Alexa

  • It's a low-cost/low-latency content storage and delivery solution based upon revenue sharing business model

For content providers, Lola brings a storage and delivery solution both on the technical side (better QoS trough peer-to-peer) and network usage (less pressure on bandwidth) with three benefits :

  • Reducing infrastructural energy consumption by 40/50%

  • Deploying massive storage infrastructures without leveraging CAPEX

  • Facing content delivery growing demand

On the consumer side, Lola offers a rich user experience in one device +$50 additional revenue.

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Disruption is DNA

With Lola, consumers become actors : we are the 'Airbnb' of the IT resources!

  • Leverages exisiting/unused decentralized computing resources to provide a new generation of cloud services and optimize global IT architecture.

  • Operates a meshed nano CDN platform for B2B customers (content providers, media, advertisers).

  • Starting at €300 for the 1TB version, Lola sales (est. 1,200 units Y1 - 2,700 units Y2 - 12,000 units Y3) will cover our infrastructure deployment without spending a dime (50% operational margin on production).

  • Started the community building process with Mélissa and Léa targeting a crowdfunding campaign. The firm is currently in relationship with several European and non European retailers.

  • Design, simplicity, revenue sharing and values on environmental, data security and privacy issues. 

Lola, new home companion