Maxthon Providing 5GB Free Cloud Storage

And cash bonus for users to raise awareness
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.07.13

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Maxthon USA Inc. provides 5GB cloud storage space for its users for free.

Besides, this company also launched an event to encourage its users by using cash bonus to wrote review articles of his browsers and submit for publication. The firm is set to introduce its browser to a wider range of people through its users' voices.

With more and more online browsing and tracking records added, the demand for storage among general users increases. So at early May, the company brought out the firm's Cloud Storage plan officially, hoping to break the previous data uploads limitation, and better serve its users. As the company claimed in their official blog, for all users using its product Browser V5.0.4.500 beta and above version, they will get 5GB cloud storage for all company's cloud service for free. The firm stood out to be the first browser maker that offers free cloud storage space to users.