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Compuverde Awarded Patent for Optimal Server Selection in Distributed Storage

Data replication method empowers data to be spread geographically while boosting system resiliency.
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Compuverde AB announced that the United States Patent Office has awarded the company a patent for writing data to the optimal storage servers using a randomized function.

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This algorithmic approach results in data that is spread across storage nodes, resulting in ideal system efficiency and resiliency. Patent number 9,503,524 B2 is the latest in the company's expanding patent portfolio and a continuation of the firm's strategy of intellectual property protection in every major market worldwide.

The company is known for its clean, economical approach to storage. This patent solidifies the company's position as a pioneer in software-defined storage solutions.

  • Efficient, reliable replication: Using unicast and multicast transmission, a server application may write data in the storage system. When writing data, at least two storage nodes are selected based in part on a randomized function, which ensures that data is sufficiently spread to provide efficient and reliable replication of data if a storage node malfunctions.

  • International innovation: This patent joins a host of other innovations in software-defined storage from the firm in regions including the U.S., European Patent Office, China and Japan.

  • Proven solutions: The company delivers powerful returns in data center efficiency and performance through software-defined principles, including linear, rapid scaling, high performance and low cost.

Stefan Bernbo, CEO and founder, Compuverde, said: "Organizations today are looking for storage solutions to meet rapidly growing demand, and they are encountering high costs and administrative burden. Compuverde has solved this problem with its multi-tenancy approach, which reduces overhead by distributing many file systems over the same hardware. This enables cost savings over and above the basic economies of scale achievable from consolidating IT resources into a single operation. We will continue to create innovative storage solutions to meet customer needs as the storage landscape continues to evolve."