Cloudian HyperForce Partners Channel Program

Christine Blum appointed as director of channel marketing
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.07.13

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Cloudian, Inc. announced the Cloudian HyperForce Partners channel program, which was designed to help partners build scale-out object-storage solutions to address their customers' unstructured-storage challenges.

The HyperForce Partners channel program reinforces company's commitment to the channel and enables resellers to capitalize on need to store and protect unstructured data. Unstructured data is growing 50% year over year and accounts for 80% of storage capacity shipped industry-wide.

The HyperStore Advantage
Cloudian HyperStore provides a compatible storage platform for unstructured data consolidation, supporting use cases that include data protection, NAS offload, media archiving, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence. HyperStore's entry point and modular scalability make it easy for enterprises to get started and then grow with expanding demand. 

"Cloudian's HyperForce Partners program makes it easier than ever to build revenues and profits in this high-growth segment," said Arne Quires, president, Emerging Data Group, Inc., a Cloudian reseller partner. "We have seen first-hand the business potential for unstructured storage, and Cloudian provides us with the tools, training and support we need to accelerate business opportunities as our customers adopt converged storage solutions."

Cloudian HyperForce Partners program includes: 

  • Deal registration with enhanced margins to protect opportunities and increase profits
  • Enhanced partner portal for news, updates, lead passing and deal registration
  • Market development funds to support demand generation and business-development activities
  • Assistance from trained inside sales team to help develop and qualify leads
  • Simplified training curriculum with online assets and completion incentives
  • Customized go-to-market plans, developed by marketing advisors, that meet the individual needs of each organization

Cloudian also announced the appointment of Christine Blum as director of channel marketing. Prior to joining Cloudian, she spent four years at Pipeline Demand, where she built out channel and marketing campaigns for some of the hottest companies in Silicon Valley. Prior to Pipeline Demand, she implemented international channel and marketing strategies for LogLogic (TIBCO Software Inc.), Birst, Inc. and SugarCRM, Inc. 

"Cloudian HyperStore generates huge OPEX and CAPEX savings for our customers as they consolidate multiple storage silos to a simple, modular platform that starts small and grows to petabytes," said Blum. "The Cloudian HyperForce Partners program now gives partners the tools, training and business model they need to build new ongoing revenue streams while solving their customers' unstructured-data challenges."