Comtrade Software Introduces HYCU

Data protection solution for Nutanix enterprise cloud platform, starting at $999/socket
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Comtrade Software Inc., provider of monitoring and data protection for hyperconverged infrastructures, unveiled HYCU, a data protection solution for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform.

HYCU dashboard
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HYCU deploys in three minutes and provides a solution that auto-detects applications running in VMs and makes them transparent to the infrastructure teams. With this level of visibility, it makes sure that no critical applications are left unprotected -a key challenge for enterprises embracing cloud and HCI architectures in their modern data centers.

"Thousands of companies rely on Nutanix to deliver the agility and economics of the public cloud without sacrificing the security and control of on-premises infrastructure," said Sunil Potti, chief product and development officer, Nutanix. "With HYCU, Comtrade has developed a powerful solution that aligns with our design philosophy of consumer-grade simplicity. HYCU will give customers the flexibility and choice of converging all their data management onto the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform."

"Companies have benefited tremendously from the latest hyperconverged architectures, yet have been constrained by legacy data protection solutions," said Simon Taylor, president, Comtrade. "In developing hyperconverged up time, or HYCU, we are ushering in a new way of protecting in an HCI environment. Now, IT administrators using Nutanix have a simple and reliable application-focused solution that will unchain them from hypervisor lock-in seconds."

This data protection solution supports all workloads on the Nutanix platform, and helps IT administrators gain deeper levels of insight and better visualize business-critical application behavior.

Key benefits of HYCU include: 

  • 100% automated and focused for greater application transparency: With a patent-pending Application-Awareness technology, HYCU is an automated application discovery solution that provides newfound visibility into VMs, pinpointing where each application is running. It also creates application specific recovery workflows so IT administrators are able to backup applications with a single click and an automated self-service portal enables business users to manage their own data.
  • Deploys and recovers in minutes for little to no disruption: With almost no learning curve for IT administrators since the usability and terminology aligns with Nutanix technology, HYCU takes four minutes of ramp-up learning, three minutes to deploy and two minutes to recover identified data. Because this API-driven solution is tightly integrated with Nutanix, HYCU provides an automated application recovery of workflows and tasks that can be implemented without the need for professional services.
  • Drives value from existing infrastructure investments: HYCU provides a solution that complements the Nutanix platform with data protection capabilities, allowing companies to leverage Nutanix AHV to eliminate the need to pay for a hypervisor and improving the ROI of their investment in Nutanix.

"When looking at the maturation of the data protection market, there is still a white space between legacy backup solutions and how highly virtualized environments are deployed and need to be recovered," said Jason Buffington, principal analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). "Often as production platforms evolve, it takes a fresh approach to protect and recover it; HYCU aims to be that for hyperconverged platforms. HYCU's approach, built on Comtrade's long pedigree in data protection, combines elegant ease-of-use with rich hypervisor integration in such a way that organizations looking at Nutanix should seriously consider HYCU as part of their data protection strategy."

HYCU is available for purchase worldwide through Comtrade partners.

Pricing starts at $999/socket.

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