Quantum Integrates DataFrameworks ClarityNow Software

With Xcellis scale-out storage and Artico archive appliances
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Quantum Corp. announced the integration of DataFrameworks ClarityNow software with its Xcellis scale-out storage and Artico archive appliances, providing increased visibility into usage and other intelligence regarding large unstructured data.

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Through deeper insight into their data, users with demanding storage environments - which can include hundreds of storage nodes, dozens of file systems and multiple different vendors - will be able to scan, organize, access and migrate their data more easily and efficiently to meet their business or mission objectives.

Performance for Complex File Types; Easy File and Project Migration
Quantum has integrated ClarityNow with its Xcellis workflow storage and Artico archive gateway appliances to enable migration of files from any other NAS environment to take advantage of the better performance, access, sharing and cost management which its StorNext-powered appliances provide. The combined solution provides business-relevant views across all file systems, allowing users to manage files by project, client, researcher, storage cost or other metrics.

The combination of Quantum scale-out storage appliances and ClarityNow enables data owners such as project managers, principal investigators, lead engineers and researchers to view and search the archive without an IT request. This combination thereby reduces the drain on limited IT resources and decreases both the operating costs and capital expenditures - often by 10x or more - associated with managing large amounts of file-based data across complex storage environments.

Quantum to Showcase Storage Solutions
for HPC at ISC High Performance Conference

At the conference in Frankfurt, Germany (June 18-22), Quantum highlighted the integrated ClarityNow solution along with other storage solutions for HPC environments.

Brant Kelley, director of IT Services, Scripps Research Institute, said: "The Quantum-DataFrameworks partnership will enable us to continue to refine the capabilities of our scientific archive, providing researchers with self-service capabilities to quickly locate files and manage their costs with the showback/chargeback reporting."

Will Hall, CEO, DataFrameworks, said: "Disciplines such as life sciences, engineering design, energy, large government agencies and university research depend on workflows that involve storing, managing and moving large numbers of files. Files related to a single project can reside in multiple folders across multiple file systems, making it difficult to get a project-wide view of storage usage. For these complex environments, the combination of DataFrameworks ClarityNow and Quantum StorNext-based appliances for data management and archive offers an unmatched level of data visibility and access."

Molly Presley, VP, global marketing, Quantum, said: "Together, Quantum and DataFrameworks are providing the storage foundation that enables data-intensive HPC environments to extend the knowledgebase for key data management decisions. Data owners, operations personnel or even scheduling systems can drive 'what to archive and when to archive' decisions, creating a more efficient environment for managing data associated with project-based workflows."

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