iXsystems: TrueNAS X10 Enterprise Storage Solution

Up to 120TB in 2U and 360TB in 6U, 20TB of hybrid file and block storage under $10,000
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.06.12

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iXsystems, Inc. announced the TrueNAS X10.

It is a cost-effective enterprise storage solution that is designed to help SMBs modernize their storage infrastructures.

For years, customers have struggled with their storage infrastructures. They have overbought costly enterprise storage or put off the purchase of enterprise storage due to its high cost. Companies unable to invest in enterprise storage are often forced to use legacy SAN/NAS systems, deploy consumer NAS systems, use DAS, or build their own software-defined storage (SDS) systems.

The TrueNAS X10 clears this barrier to entry by providing enterprise storage for SMBs and others that is challenging the Dell EMC VNXe, Dell EMC Unity, HPE MSA 2040, and NetApp FAS2600 series of products with its functionality and price point.

It comes in a 2U form factor accommodating up to twelve disk drives. It enables to reduce space, power and cooling costs and respond to ever-changing business requirements. It is optimized for SMBs, remote offices, and enterprises of all sizes. It lets you start small and grow to nearly 400TB.

Product highlights:

  • Enterprise: Suited for core-edge configurations and enterprise workloads such as file sharing, backups, and replication

  • Unified: Simultaneous SAN/NAS protocols that support multiple block and file workloads

  • Dense: up to 120TB in 2U and 360TB in 6U with half the power draw of leading competitors

  • Reliable: OpenZFS file system to ensure data integrity with replication and snapshotting

  • Safe: HA option for continuous data availability plus you can replicate data to the rest of the iXsystems storage lineup

  • Trusted: Based on FreeNAS, the world's #1 open source software-defined storage solution

  • Solid: 24/7 white-glove support

  • Powerful: Includes enterprise features such as compression, deduplication, and thin-provisioning, which lower TCO

  • Familiar: Provision and manage storage using the same GUI used by the rest of the iXsystems storage products

  • Economical: 20TB of enterprise storage for under $10,000

The TrueNAS X10 can be ordered and will begin shipping in mid-July 2017. The standard lead time is three weeks for all TrueNAS systems. However, pre-built 20, 60, and 100TB configurations of the TrueNAS X10 are available with a one week lead time.

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Chris Caravella, chief engineer, 1stAveMachine, said: "At 1stAveMachine, it is business critical for us to utilize enterprise storage. Organizations don't want to depend on a consumer-grade NAS or struggle with software-defined storage. Instead, 1stAveMachine is looking for a modern solution that is built from the ground up as an enterprise storage array that does not depend on five year old technology. We had many choices of an entry level enterprise storage array, but the obvious choice is the TrueNAS X10. It provides us with enterprise storage for all our applications and grows from gigabytes to nearly 400 terabytes in a dense form factor. It is more economical and uses less than half the power needed by other storage vendors, which helps lower our storage TCO. The ability for us to replicate across the entire TrueNAS portfolio ensures our business data is always protected, providing us with peace of mind."

Marcus Doran, GM, Rahi Systems Europe, Inc., said:" As our customers tackle the need to store ever increasing data, back it up, and share it, it's crucial to provide them with a modern unified storage array that offers enterprise services and can deal with all types of data efficiently. That's what the TrueNAS X10 delivers on. The TrueNAS X10 also is more economical while consuming less power than many other enterprise storage vendors. That is very important to our customers. The TrueNAS X10 grows from gigabytes to nearly 400 terabytes at a fraction of a dollar per enterprise gigabyte. It offers the simplicity, reliability, and availability with enterprise functionality that our SMB and enterprise customers expect."

Brett Davis, EVP, iXsystems, said: "No matter your size, when customers are dealing with data growth using consumer-grade storage is not sufficient. iXsystems is making it simpler and more affordable for both SMBs and enterprises to modernize their IT infrastructures with a cost-effective enterprise storage array. By lowering the cost of entry for enterprise-capable storage, customers can move away from storage that lacks enterprise features, such as in-line compression, a self-healing file system, and unified SAN/NAS storage, and over to a storage solution that grows with them."