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Storage Made Easy Supports Keystone v3 With OpenStack Swift

Bringing new features and functionality to Enterprise File Fabric
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.05.19

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Storage Made Easy (SME), a trading name of Vehera Ltd, is celebrating the Ocata release of OpenStack at the OpenStack Summit in Boston, MA.

The company has extended their existing OpenStack functionality, the inclusion of a new connector for OpenStack Swift with Keystone v3 authentication. This provider adds to Storage Made Easy's portfolio of storage connectors.

Keystone Ocata release continues to increase the security of OpenStack deployments with a number of compliance based features. Some of the top governance features include enhancements focusing on PCI DSS. These include but are not limited to PCI DSS notifications, password requirements API, lockout rules, and immediate password rotation.

List of features and bug fixes

OpenStack Swift continues to provide highly available and durable Object Storage. The Ocata release of OpenStack Swift has focused on system resource enhancements. Storage at scale is benefited from the elimination of extraneous disk I/O, improvements to erasure coding reconstruction, and I/O prioritization on AArch64 architecture.

List of features and bug fixes

John Dickinson, Swift project technical lead and SwiftStack director of technology, notes: "My vision for Swift is that everyone will use it every day, even if they don't realize it. We're seeing that happen with the proliferation of applications like SME, and we'll see even more growth in the future."

Douglas Soltesz, director of product solutions, mentioned: "As public and private cloud deployments grow the need to collaborate securely is enabling businesses to elevate productivity without compromising data governance and compliance.  Storage Made Easy's file fabric provides enterprise end users the modern tools they expect. OpenStack based projects continue to disrupt the traditional IT approaches and SME is happy to add value to this ecosystem."