PernixData/Nutanix Assigned Patent

Manage cache storage in working memory of computing
By Francis Pelletier on 2017.05.19

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PernixData, Inc., San Jose, CA, acquired by Nutanix, Inc., has been assigned a patent (9,639,481) developed by Jung, Woon Ho, Cupertino, CA, and Dhotre, Nakul, Santa Clara, CA, for a "systems and methods to manage cache data storage in working memory of computing."

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: "Systems and methods for managing records stored in a storage cache are provided. A cache index is created and maintained to track where records are stored in buckets in the storage cache. The cache index maps the memory locations of the cached records to the buckets in the cache storage and can be quickly traversed by a metadata manager to determine whether a requested record can be retrieved from the cache storage. Bucket addresses stored in the cache index include a generation number of the bucket that is used to determine whether the cached record is stale. The generation number allows a bucket manager to evict buckets in the cache without having to update the bucket addresses stored in the cache index. In an alternative embodiment, non-contiguous portions of computing system working memory are used to cache data instead of a dedicated storage cache."

The patent application was filed on January 29, 2015 (14/609,085).