IDrive Online Backup Announcing Backup App for Asustor NAS

Providing version-based offsite DR option
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.05.18

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IDrive Online Backup (IDrive, Inc.), announced the release of the IDrive Asustor backup application for protecting Asustor, Inc.'s NAS devices.

IDrive has addressed backup needs for business of all sizes, and with the release of this new app, continues to be one of the most feature-packed and customizable business backup solutions.

The IDrive Asustor backup app provides a version-based offsite DR option, and offers businesses an affordable and reliable backup solution for data stored on Asustor NAS devices. The fact is that these devices, although renown for their performance, can still be subjected to a HDD crash, RAID array failure, or can be stolen, burnt, or destroyed, so like any other device it is essential to back them up.

IDrive has a separate Asustor app that can be installed on NAS devices
for safeguarding user data, with features including:

  • Interactive backup and restore for data present in Asustor NAS devices.
  • Schedule automatic backup and restores, per convenience
  • Perform manual transfers and restores
  • Receive email notifications upon completion of scheduled backups
  • Track account activity via logs

Backing up an Asustor NAS device to the IDrive cloud protects user's business data in an affordable, secure, and simple fashion. The IDrive Asustor app is available free of charge for all personal and business accounts.