New Version of HDS Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere

To create protected digital workplace
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Hitachi Data Systems Corporation (HDS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. , announced that the latest version of Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) Anywhere puts the tools in the hands of employees to make them more engaged, productive and efficient.

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Expanding on the platform's heritage in enterprise features and security, HCP Anywhere adds more collaboration, usability and data protection capabilities with a refined user experience, allowing organizations to transform to a digital workplace that is virtual, mobile and highly collaborative.

It is a private enterprise mobility solution that allows employees to collaborate with co-workers and external parties to share files or folders anytime, anywhere, on any device, without compromising security or control of corporate information. The company's enterprise expertise and information security over consumer-class offerings give IT managers greater visibility, control and governance over company data in corporate issued PCs and virtual desktop environments as well as BYOD tablets and smartphones.

"With this latest release, HCP Anywhere is more than a simple sync and share tool. With enhancements to collaboration, content mobilization and user data protection, it has become an enterprise mobility solution and a foundation for transforming to a digital workplace," said Scott Sinclair, senior analyst, ESG.

Features and benefits include:

  • Anytime, anywhere, any device access mobilizes data with cloud home directories and protects enterprise file sync and share.

  • Optimized group collaboration simplifies workflows and optimizes workgroup productivity.

  • End-user and enterprise data protection mitigate new threats such as ransomware, and the enhanced security of company data.

  • Security, search and governance provide superior visibility, control and compliance for critical data assets.

  • Intuitive customized user experience adapts to new devices.

  • API customization options tune the solution for different user types, customize workflows and develop new applications.

The combination of HCP Anywhere and the rest of the HCP portfolio of object storage, cloud file gateway, content intelligence and search is a first step for organizations pursuing digital transformation. By modernizing file services with cloud home directories, enterprise mobility and content analytics, IT departments can become more relevant than ever before. They can offer new, compelling IT services to the rest of the organization, serve as a cloud broker o other functional groups, and give developers new in-house tools to create new applications to better serve employees and customers.

"HCP Anywhere has been a success for Hitachi Data Systems. Customers recognize the power HCP Anywhere has to transform not just the way they deliver user file services, but the way the HCP portfolio can transform their business. As a result, we are approaching one million paid enterprise users and realized 2X revenue growth over the previous fiscal year. Our strong compliance and security heritage coupled with our expertise in understanding and integrating into some of the most complex enterprise IT environments are just a few of the reasons we are seeing security conscious customers choose our solution over consumer oriented Dropbox or Box," said Bob Primmer, VP, content, mobility and analytics, HDS.

HCP portfolio:
The HCP portfolio allows organizations to advance their digital workplace experience in a way that incorporates existing content repositories, delivers new age file sharing, collaboration and end-user data protection capabilities, simplify searches and provides APIs to design new workflows and customize the user experience. At the core is object storage software that allows organizations to broker a holistic approach to the digital workplace spanning data within the enterprise and in the cloud. The HCP portfolio intelligently automates tasks related to compliance, protection, security, and management. This allows organizations to speed operations, retain visibility and control with faster, simpler methods to find, analyze and share.

HCP Anywhere v3.0 Lays the Foundation for a Digital Workplace