Capacity of IBM TS7700 Increased to 2.45PB

With 8TB HDDs
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.05.17

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IBM TS7700 delivers maximum capacity increase to more than 2.45PB

IBM TS7760 8 TB disk drive support increases capacity before compression:
. TS7760 maximum system capacity is over 2.45PB
. TS7760 base frame capacity increases to over 600TB
. TS7760 expansion frame capacity increases to over 925TB
. Models CSA and XSA support capacities over 61TB

This release fulfills the Preview Statement published in Hardware Announcement 117-014, dated February 28, 2017, by supporting 8TB FIPS 140-2 validated disk drives.

The maximum capacity of a TS7760 system using 8TB disk drives is more than 2.45 PB.

Key prerequisites
. TS7700 servers attach to FICON channels on select IBM z Systems servers and require the appropriate levels of z Systems software.
. TS7700 R4.0, and higher, requires a minimum of 32GB RAM. Memory Upgrade feature number 3462 is required on TS7720 Server Model VEB and TS7740 Server Model V07 before R4.0, or higher, machine code can be installed.
. 16Gbp FC switches are required when connecting TS7760 Model VEC with a TS3500 or TS4500 Tape Library.
. Additional features may be required on the TS7760 components or automation frames.

Planned availability date: June 2, 2017