Violin Memory Assigned Patent

Memory system with multiple striping of RAID groups
By Francis Pelletier on 2017.05.16

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Violin Memory, Inc., Santa Clara, CA, has been assigned a patent (9,632,870) developed by Bennett, Jon C. R., Sudbury, MA, for a "memory system with multiple striping of RAID groups and method for performing the same."

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: "A data memory system is described, where there may be an asymmetry in the time needed to write or erase data and the time needed to read data. The data may be stored using a RAID data storage arrangement and the reading, writing and erasing operations on the modules arranged such that the erasing and writing operations may be performed without significant latency for performing a read operation. Where a failure of a memory module in the memory system occurs, methods for recovering the data of the failed module are disclosed which may selected in accordance with policies that may relate to the minimizing the possibility of irretrievable data loss, or degradation of latency performance."

The patent application was filed on October 8, 2010 (12/901,224).