NAB: JetStor 826iXD All-Flash Storage From AC&NC

2U, 26-bay RAID 300,000 IO/s, and scales to 4.4PB of raw storage with additional JBODs
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Advanced Computer & Network Corporation (AC&NC) demonstrated the JetStor 826iXD all-flash array at NAB 2017 for M&E enterprises, public and private clouds, SMBs that demand the fastest, most cost-effective storage systems.

JetStor 826iXD front and rear

The platform features dual active controllers, Intel Corp.'s 5th-generation D1500 Quad core processor with up to 64GB RAM per controller, DDR4 system memory, the 12Gb SAS 3.0 technology, onboard high speed iSCSI 10GbE LAN ports RJ-45 or SFP+, and the JetStor SANOS 4.0 SAN management software.

The 2U, 26-bay JetStor 826iXD RAID array offers fast CPUs, delivers over 300,000 IO/s, and scales to over 4.4PB of raw storage with additional JBODs, making it for a range of media, entertainment and movies studios.

"With high-speed, data-intensive applications becoming commonplace, even among smaller firms M&E, as well as the processing of large files in such industries as media and movies studios, the all-flash JetStor 826iXD array is an unmatched combination of performance, price, and scalability," said Gene Leyzarovich, president, AC&NC. "No other solution more affordably offers such speed in an all-flash platform with multi-petabyte scalability for 4K, UHD, HDR, VR and remote productions."

Next-Generation of All-Flash storage - Performing storage platform for broadcast, post and VFX
The JetStor 826iXD chassis provides dual-active controller architecture enables both controllers to concurrently provide storage services in real time. Active-active architecture doubles the available host bandwidth and cache hit ratio, ensuring the utilization of system resources and maximum throughput. If one controller fails, the other controller transparently takes over all storage services. In addition to storage services, management services can transparently pass to the secondary controller.

The JetStor SANOS SAN Storage Management OS v4.0 enables administrators to proactively manage, configure, and monitor JetStor storage systems from any browser.

The JetStor array offers HA with no single point of failure. All critical components are hot pluggable and engineered with full redundancy. Thanks to this design, this system can withstand multiple component failures and achieves 99.999% availability.

The JetStor 826iXD solution supports RAID levels 0 ,1 ,0+1 ,3 ,5 ,6 ,10 ,30 ,50, 60, and N-way mirror.

The JetStor 826iXD all-flash Array is available outside of the U.S. by the company's partners like Vector & Scalar Products Ltd (VSPL), based in Buckinghamshire, England. Founded in 1988, the firm is a VAR and integrator of storage solutions and services, and offers a range of firm's JetStor products.

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