Nfina 700 and 800 Series Storage Servers Certified for Windows Server 2012 R2, x64

Under category: device, product type: storage spaces enclosure
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.04.21

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Nfina Technologies, Inc., manufacturer of servers and storage devices, announces that the Nfina 700 Series and 800 Series storage servers have been certified for Windows Server 2012 R2, x64, under category: device, Product type: Storage Spaces Enclosure.

Windows users that deploy Storage Spaces have a choice of certified servers with a five-year warranty.

This certification assures Windows 2012 users that the 700 and 800 storage servers integrate with Storage Spaces. These Nfina storage servers have 12Gb SAS connectivity, two processor sockets, dual redundant power supplies, and dual 10GbE ports. They can be configured with combinations of HDDs and SSDs, allowing users to take advantage of the Storage Spaces capabilities, including the creation of a private cloud with data pools, storage tiering, mirroring, parity, and thin or thick provisioning. Storage Spaces has the ability to optimize storage, moving more frequently used blocks of data to SSDs. The configuration flexibility of Nfina's storage servers allows users to take advantage of this feature to create a high capacity storage system.

Nfina storage servers combine a low cost of acquisition and a five-year standard warranty, creating value for Windows Server 2012 users. The 700 Series is Nfina's most cost-effective, highest density server offering. It is a dual socket server with twelve 3.5" drive bays and dual power supplies. It is capable of storage and processor options including various combinations of SSD and HDD drives. The 800 Series possesses the same features, but it has twenty-four 2.5" front drive bays plus two 2.5" rear drive bays. Like all company's products, these storage servers deliver performance, fault-tolerance and high reliability at an affordable price.

"Microsoft has created a remarkably easy way to deploy an extremely powerful storage platform," said Warren Nicholson, CEO, Nfina. "In order to realize its potential and assure HA, hardware must be as remarkable as the software. That's where Nfina comes in. Our servers have the configuration flexibility to take advantage of the capability of Storage Spaces, and our legendary reliability and five-year warranty adds to the value that Storage Spaces offers. Remarkably good software deserves remarkably good hardware - Nfina storage servers."