1,400 Avid Nexis Systems Sold Worldwide Since April 2016.

Software-defined storage platform for storing and managing media
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Avid Technology, Inc. announced that Avid NEXIS a software-defined storage platform designed for storing and managing media, has seen rapid adoption around the globe, and has delivered valuable benefits to broadcasters, post-production facilities and educational institutions since its launch in April 2016.

To date since its debut, over 1,400 systems have already been sold to customers worldwide, with significant sales momentum being seen in 4Q16.

Customers across North America, Europe, and the Middle East cite specific benefits they've experienced with NEXIS, including: the ability to manage more advanced and collaborative editorial workflows; much more flexibility to accommodate changing storage needs on different projects; and the breaking down of silos within media production environments; all on a scalable, flexible, and secure infrastructure that enables organizations to be ready for future media-production demands.

Powered by the Avid MediaCentral Platform, a tightly integrated platform designed for media operations, NEXIS is a shared storage system that enables storage virtualization for any real-time media application. The openness of NEXIS also enables real-time editorial collaboration using not only Avid Media Composer, but other editorial and creative tools including Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Apple Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve and more, as well as allowing integration with third-party asset management systems. It has been deployed by a range of media enterprise organizations around the world including broadcasters, post-production facilities, and educational institutions.

Broadcast: Sky Deutschland
Broadcast facilities are leveraging NEXIS to meet their needs scaling up for ultra-high resolution TV production, and for enabling more effective collaboration among studio facilities. Sky Deutschland, a pay-TV company in Germany and Austria needed to update its infrastructure to speed production schedules as they ramp up content volume. By connecting NEXIS | E4 to Avid Media Composer, Sky's news and sports production teams now have more power and seed, and are enjoying better collaboration across every stage of their workflow - all the way from content creation to distribution and monetization.

"With competition for viewers so intense, we have to give our customers the very best TV experience every time, which means we have to create and deliver highly engaging content at a very fast pace," said Kevin Hughes, director of broadcast engineering, Sky Deutschland. "Our investment in the Avid platform has given us a much more scalable, efficient, secure and flexible production and delivery environment.  So we can work at the pace we need, with the assurance of having the highest quality production levels. And we're confident that we now have the technology in place to meet the next wave of future challenges."

Post-Production: Cine Plus
Numerous post-production facilities are now using NEXIS to facilitate collaborative and efficient 4K production workflows, and bring more flexible provisioning capabilities with virtual storage management. Cine Plus, a media service provider in Germany, extended its storage environment with a new 120TB NEXIS | E4 storage system, using the System Director Appliance alongside its existing Avid shared storage system, which also includes NEXIS | PRO professional class storage - a more affordable alternative to the enterprise NEXIS | E Series storage solutions.

"A number of our multi-editor productions just wouldn't be possible without the real-time collaborative editorial workflows we have with Avid NEXIS," said Torsten Seemann, head of technical operations and support, Cine Plus. "The modularity of Avid NEXIS gives us great flexibility to extend the storage systems, or separate them for use at another location, depending on requirements. We've also been thrilled with the help we've gotten from Avid's clearly expert and highly experienced technical support team. This combination of technology and expertise has made Avid NEXIS unbeatable for us."

Education: Middlesex University
NEXIS has also made a significant impact in the market for media-based education, enabling institutions around the world to prepare students for success in their future careers. Middlesex University, a media educational institution in London, has invested in NEXIS | E4 and NEXIS | E2 systems with the System Director Appliance to replace an aging, unreliable storage system at its newly formed School of Media and Performing Arts.

"With Avid NEXIS we have a reliable, high-performance and scalable central storage platform to support our curriculum," said Daniel Sosnowski, faculty technical manager, Middlesex University. "Avid NEXIS has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the industry and will now offer our students first-hand experience using systems that mirrors real-world production facilities, dramatically increasing their employability potential."

Additional Avid NEXIS Customers Worldwide
Other customers that have recently adopted Avid NEXIS include Sinclair Broadcast Group, Quincy Station Group, The Golf Channel and Foto-Kem Industries, Inc. in the US; ITV Studios, Amazon Technologies, Inc., Envy Post Production Ltd., Molinare TV & Film Ltd, Westminster University and Edinburgh University in the UK; Israel's Ha-Mitcham, Discovery Dubai, MBC and Jordan TV in the Middle East; and across Europe at Canal Factory and Cinéfabric in France, Sky Italia, RTL Nederland, and TV2 Hungary.

"We've seen incredible success with Avid NEXIS, which has brought many demonstrable benefits to our customers in its relatively short time in the market," said Jeff Rosica, president, Avid. "These early adopters are some of the world's most acclaimed broadcasters, post-production facilities and educational institutions. Even with their diverse environments and business needs, Avid NEXIS is proving its versatility and effectiveness in helping all of these organizations increase their production capacity, streamline collaboration, and future-proof their workflows."