Synology DS1517+ 5-Bay, DS1817+ 8-Bay NAS and DX517 Expansion Unit

With PCIe slot to install optional 10GbE network interface card or company's M2D17 M.2 SATA SSD adapter
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Synology Inc. launched DiskStation DS1517+ and DS1817+ together with the expansion unit DX517.

DS1517+ and DS1817+ NAS

The scalable five-bay and eight-bay tower servers offer a performance, reliable, and versatile NAS solution for tech enthusiasts and SMBs.

M2D17 M.2 SATA SSD adapter
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The DS1517+ and DS1817+ include of a PCIe slot, which allows users to install an optional 10GbE network interface card or the company's M2D17 M.2 SATA SSD adapter.

In addition, DS1517+ and DS1817+ both come in 2 and 8GB memory configurations, which can be upgraded to 16GB thanks to the accessible memory compartment.

Installing an additional network interface card allows enthusiasts and businesses to take advantage of up to two 10GbE ports to boost throughput. When combined with the Atom quad-core 2.4GHz processor and equipped with optional dual channel memory, DS1517+ and DS1817+ can deliver sequential throughput performance up to 1,179MB/s reading and 542MB/s writing speeds.

With the introduction of firm's M2D17 PCIe adapter card, DS1517+ and DS1817+ can be equipped with dual M.2 SATA SSDs, allowing users to enhance performance and latency using SSD caching without occupying the front drive bays.

"DS1517+ and DS1817+ offer tech enthusiasts and small businesses more storage options that bring outstanding performance and flexibility for intensive storage tasks," said Jason Fan, product manager, Synology. "DS1517+ and DS1817+ are Synology's first two NAS supporting M.2 SSD, designed to solve the performance bottleneck for heavy workload applications and reduce the I/O latency."

DS1517+ specifications
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Both DS1517+ and DS1817+ support connecting up to two DX517 expansion units, allowing to add up to ten additional drive bays and scale up storage capacity on-the-fly. The RAID volume can be expanded without having to reformat the existing HDDs, ensuring capacity expansion without downtime.

DS1817+ specifications
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DS1517+ and DS1817+ are powered by DiskStation Manager (DSM) 6.1, the OS for the company's NAS devices. Featuring a range of applications for backup, network management, and productivity, they can serve an integral role in office IT infrastructure.

These NAS carry three-year limited warranties. An additional extended warranty option is available in selected regions for up to five years of coverage.

DS1517+, DS1817+, DX517 and M2D17 are available worldwide.

Information on extended warranty