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IBM Assigned Nineteen Patents

Reliable data reading with data set screening by error injection, magnetic head and system having offset arrays, tape-managed partition support for effective workload allocation and space management, asynchronous tape backup and restore from tape backup in disk storage environment, linear recording device, efficient multichannel data format using variable-length headers, columnar storage on tape partition, magnetic head and system having offset arrays, iterative decode and post-decode microcode cut and paste optimization, microcode data recovery strategies for use of iterative decode, miniskirt tape head having quasi-statically tilted transducer arrays, tape head with write pole having multiple layers superimposed, reconstructive error recovery procedure, controlling lateral position of tape head of magnetic tape drive, servo compensation control in vibration environment, durable coating for magnetic tape recording media, magnetic tape servo format, tape header format, detecting and compensating for external vibration in tape drive

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