Alliance Storage Technologies Unveils NETArchive Archiving System V2

1.6PB in single rack, built on Archive Management Software platform for archiving, management, optimization and protection solution
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.04.04

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Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. announced NETArchive version 2 storage offering customers advancements in performance, capacity and cost.

Built on company's Archive Management Software (AMS) platform, NETArchive is an archiving, management, optimization and protection solution that reduces business risks, secures data unaltered, ensures regulatory compliance and simplifies operations - all at a price comparable to tape.

Worldwide data growth is exploding. In fact, according to a Northeastern University blog and infographic, "The total amount of data in the world was 4.4ZB in 2013. That is set to rise steeply to 44ZB by 2020."

This data growth explosion is driving the need for faster, smarter and more cost effective storage solutions. Moreover, when combined with increasingly stringent and complicated internal governance, and external legal and regulatory compliance mandates, the need for long-term data preservation solutions has never been more critical.

NETArchive answers this demand. Delivering the ability to safely and affordably store, secure, protect and recover data for 100+ years, it provides a modular architecture consisting of performance disk, cloud and optical tiers. With support for on-premises installations and cloud-based deployments in the Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, NETArchve delivers elastic scalability with simplified, cross-platform management and  control. The solution is a flexible, robust and secure offering that can be tailored to meet the data management, BC and long-term retention requirements found in today's complex business and IT environments.

Loran Technology, a IT solution Integrator based in Québec, Canada, was engaged by one of their Provincial Government customers to assist with a technology refresh of their existing archiving system used for long-term, unalterable storage of extremely sensitive information.

"After a thorough search and review of potential solution providers, we chose to pursue Alliance Storage Technologies," said Aldo Kavcic, director, business development, Loran. "After working closely with their team to address our customer's requirements for permanent, secure data retention, the NETArchive proved itself to be the ideal solution. It answered the need to securely retain information in an immutable state for decades, and was the most cost effective solution available. In addition, Alliance provided a complimentary upgrade path using their new AMS TAM migration software which enabled the client to transparently and non-disruptively migrate years of legacy information to the NETArchive system."

NETArchive version 2:

  • 100% increase (or doubling) of the NETArchive system on-prmises near-line storage, increasing to 1.6PB in a single rack

  • 100% increase in drive speeds, doubling data migration and recall rates

  • Three times increase in system cache resulting in faster access to recently archived data with flexible RAID options from four to 72TB

  • Built-in complimentary 'Transparent Archive Migration Facility' for existing archive appliance users, facilitating a non-disruptive migration to the NETArchive

  • 100% increase in media life to 100+ years, increasing reliability, data retention, and ROI while further eliminating costly technology refresh cycles associated with other technologies

"Today, more that 80% of enterprise data is static content sitting, expensive, Tier 1 storage," said Chris Carr, CEO, Alliance Storage Technologies. "NETArchive enables organizations to move this data and free up critical primary storage for business critical, bottom-line revenue activity. With support for on-premises installations and cloud-based deployments in the Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, NETArchive delivers unrivaled performance, cross-platform management and capacity scalability, together with the features and functionality necessary to meet today's business, regulatory and legal requirements - all at a cost comparable to tape."

NETArchive version 2 is available in 2Q17.