ContinuitySA Adding DR as a Service for IBM pSeries and iSeries

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This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.03.20

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ContinuitySA (Pty) Ltd is offering DR as a service (DRaaS) for IBM Corp.'s Power systems.

The offering complements the company's existing DRaaS offering.

"DRaaS is increasingly popular because it allows companies to access genuine DR capabilities that actually work without the trouble and expense of setting up and managing their own DR site. What are doing now is making this capability available specifically for a particular technology type widely used - and relied on - in the enterprise computing world," says Sasha Malic, head, Availability Services, ContinuitySA.

Malic says that duplicating expensive hardware like the IBM pSeries or iSeries at a DR site does not make financial sense. In addition, mission-critical technology needs more than just failover hardware, it must be part of a comprehensive BC plan that covers the whole environment. Typically, such systems would be functioning within a hybrid environment.

"DRaaS makes it possible to integrate this specific technology stack into an integrated, tested BC strategy," he says. "Because it is purchased as a service, there are no upfront costs - clients pay for the capacity they require in one of our professionally managed DR sites, and the service can be extended to cover relevant Wintel systems so the entire environment can be recovered."

In addition, syndication and virtualisation means that costs can be reduced in line with the client's budget and risk profile.

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