Collingwood General and Marine Hospital in Canada Opts for Tintri

With all-flash storage replacing hyperconverged infrastructure, after Dell EMC storage and VMware
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.03.20

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Tintri, Inc. announced that the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital (CGMH) is using its product to increase performance and productivity for its staff and office applications.

After replacing a hyper-converged infrastructure with a Tintri system, CGMH noticeably boosted virtual desktop performance for its increasingly mobile workforce, reduced its storage footprint by 16x and gained the agility required for new IT initiatives and systems.

Founded in 1887, CGMH provides healthcare services to one of the fastest growing regions in Canada, relying on a private cloud environment that supports hundreds of virtual desktops, an electronic health records system and other medical applications.

Poor performance and capacity problems caused by the previous infrastructure were costly in lost productivity. CGMH doctors, nurses and support staff experienced long wait times and frustration when they tried to access electronic records and medical applications while working on the go between the labs, examination and patient rooms. The IT team worked nights and overtime to keep up with much-needed capacity updates and system patches.

After evaluating options from Dell/EMC storage and VMware to increase capacity, CGMH chose Tintri to bring all-flash performance and simplified management to all applications throughout the hospital. Faster VDI login times give doctors and nurses quicker access to patient data, improving patient services. The IT team can perform maintenance and upgrades during the day instead of waiting for off-peak usage hours, and the team saves more than an hour each day by eliminating rudimentary tasks. They have more time to support other initiatives such as deploying DR or rolling out a new cardiology system using Tintri as the foundation.

"When login times dropped to a few seconds, our end users noticed a huge difference in the speed of their virtual desktops," said Tim Shaw, network engineer, CGMH. "Our healthcare workers can now access their desktops 10 times faster on Tintri than on our previous solution, which allows them to be much more productive and improve the care we give to all of our patients. The Tintri system has far exceeded all of our expectations. Any new servers or systems that we deploy will take advantage of the Tintri enterprise cloud."

"Tintri all-flash storage is designed to simplify the deployment and management of virtualization and enterprise cloud for all industries, particularly healthcare customers like CGMH," said Yael Zheng, CMO, Tintri. "The hospital now has the automated, high-performance IT infrastructure and services needed by enterprise applications that are critical to patient care. And CGMH has gained the ability to run new cloud-native applications in the future, all without having to add more staff or resources."