Y/Y WW Purpose-Built Backup Appliance Declined 4% in 4Q16 – IDC

Market shares: Dell 59%, Veritas 16.5%, IBM 7%, HPE 4.5%, Quantum 2%
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Worldwide purpose-built backup appliance (PBBA) factory revenues were down 4.1% year Y/Y, totaling $991.8 million in 4Q16) according to the International Data Corporation's Worldwide Quarterly Purpose-Built Backup Appliance Tracker.

Total PBBA open systems factory revenue decreased 4.5% year over year during the quarter with revenues of $903.5 million. Mainframe systems sales were up by 0.6% in 4Q16.

Total worldwide PBBA capacity shipped for 4Q16 totaled 1.2EB, an increase of 9.2% from 4Q15.

"The PBBA market finished the fourth quarter on a decline, following a similar trend as the external enterprise storage systems market," said Jingwen Li, senior research analyst, storage systems. "End-users continue to search for capabilities beyond traditional PBBA offerings, such as cloud enablement/tiering, data management, and DR/recovery. As a result, PBBA vendors have shifted their focus from commodity hardware to investing in software, which will better help them meet the demands of the market.
Total WW PBBA 4Q16 Results
Dell Technologies maintained its lead in the overall PBBA market with 59.1% revenue share during the quarter, followed by Veritas with 16.5% share. IBM and HPE took the third and fourth position with 6.8% and 4.5% market share, respectively. Quantum held the number 5 position with 2.3% share of the worldwide market.

Top 5 Vendors, WW PBBA Factory Revenue, 4Q16
(revenue in $ million)
WW Total PBBA Market, Top 5 Vendors, 4Q15-4Q16
(shared based on revenue)

Source: IDC Worldwide Purpose Built Backup Appliance Quarterly Tracker, March 16, 2017

Symantec and Veritas are reported as an entity in the table to reflect year-over-year growth. Starting 1Q16, PBBA Tracker reports Veritas instead of Symantec due to the separation between the two companies.

Taxonomy Notes:
IDC defines a PBBA as a standalone disk-based solution that utilizes software, disk arrays, server engine(s), or nodes that are used for a target for backup data and specifically data coming from a backup application (e.g., NetWorker, NetBackup, TSM, and Backup Exec) or can be tightly integrated with the backup software to catalog, index, schedule, and perform data movement. The PBBA products are deployed in standalone configurations or as gateways. PBBA solutions deployed in a gateway configuration connect to and store backup data on general-purpose storage. Here, the gateway device is serving as the component that is purpose built solely for backup and not for supporting any other workload or application. Regardless of packaging (as an appliance or gateway), PBBAs can have multiple interfaces or protocols. Also, PBBAs often can provide and receive replication to or from remote sites and a secondary PBBA for the purposes of DR.

IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Purpose Built Backup Appliance Tracker provides vendor share, market size, and forecasts for purpose-built backup appliances. IDC provides key market insights and growth for vendors participating in the PBBA market as well as those that may introduce new products. Revenue and capacity for disk systems behind PBBA gateways is included in the PBBA market sizing and in the forecast. Some PBBA solutions integrate the data movement engine (backup application) with the appliance, while others serve as only a target for incoming backup application data. Both solutions are included in the PBBA market sizing, although segmentation between the two product categories is provided.