Infortrend EonStor GS 3000T/4000T Turbo Models Storage Systems

Supporting up to 444 disks, with 56Gb IB, 40Gb iSCSI and 4x16G FC ports
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.03.17

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Infortrend Technology, Inc. unveils the EonStor GS 3000T/4000T Turbo models.

Inheriting all the comprehensive features of the EonStor GS 3000/4000 series, the 3000T/4000T turbo models are powered by six-core CPU and dynamic CPU core assignment firmware to bring break-through improvement to overall performance and management efficiency.

The EonStor GS 3000T/4000T delivers up to 50% better block-level performance than the GS 3000/4000 as the computing resources can be distributed among multiple applications with highly random IO/s, such as VDI and online transaction processing (OLTP). File-level throughput is up by 30%, supporting data-intensive applications such as file sharing and video-on-demand. Furthermore, they can dynamically adapt to the workload and automatically increase processor frequency when performance is needed while reducing power consumption during light workload.

Supporting high speed host interface connections with 56Gb IB, 40Gb iSCSI and 4x16Gb FC ports, the EonStor GS 3000T/4000T meets the bandwidth and throughput requirements by resource intensive and mission critical applications, such as HPC, big data analytics, and cloud services.

The GS 3000T/4000T's integrated block-level and SMB 3.0 transparent failover support non-disruptive operations. Also, the redundant dual controllers with symmetric active-active configuration ensure BC at all times.

"Infortrend is pushing the limits again by launching the new EonStor GS 3000T and 4000T Turbo models, powerful additions to our complete product lines. The additional CPU power not only boosts I/O performance but it also means our controllers have higher capabilities to handle tasks so overall system efficiency builds up as well," said Thomas Kao, senior director, product planning, Infortrend.

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