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SwiftStack 5 Enhanced Data Management to Accelerate Adoption of Hybrid Cloud Workflows

Software offering enterprises choices for elastic cloud bursting and more
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.03.16

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SwiftStack, Inc. announced availability of its software SwiftStack 5, which will be demonstrated at the Google Cloud Next Conference 2017.

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One notable enhancement to its Cloud Sync feature is the ability to replicate data bidirectionally between the four Google Cloud Storage offerings, as well as other cloud provider's solutions. Two-way synchronization of data stored between on-premises and the public cloud is managed as a policy controlled by IT, so data is automatically delivered to where it can best be computed on or utilized, within private data centers or in the public cloud.

"We believe that enterprises now and for the foreseeable future will live in a hybrid cloud world, where business value should determine where data lives, when it moves and how it behaves," said Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "IT creates and controls the policies for corporate data that places data on-premises and/or in the public cloud, based on the criteria that keeps their customers happy: cost, performance, security, access and availability." Duplessie's view on multi-cloud data management can be found in video.

The company always stores data in a cloud-native format, both on-premises and in public cloud buckets. Cloud Sync is managed using policies, where select data is placed in the public cloud to leverage cloud bursting. Results from that computing are synchronized back so they can be utilized locally or used in the next step of a hybrid workflow. In addition to collaboration on-premises, enterprises can now also use Cloud Sync to collaborate with their partners by automatically placing on-premises data in shared cloud buckets. Two-way synchronization also allows customers using public cloud for offsite archiving more immediate access when that data is automatically brought back on-premises.

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Other enhancements include multi-region erasure coding for improved storage efficiency as well as support for deep buckets with more than 100 million objects. The SwiftStack 5 release includes a desktop client for Windows and OS X to allow collaborators easy access to interact with data placed across hybrid cloud architectures.

"Our architectural view of today's datacenter goes beyond the conventional definition of it as a facility with four walls," said Don Jaworski, CEO, SwiftStack. "Hybrid cloud has become the new normal for enterprises using our software to manage the cloud-native data in their IT facilities and in public cloud regions. This is what true hybrid cloud is today."

Throughout 2017, the company will continue to expand the capabilities of Cloud Sync to support additional public cloud platforms and expand data management for multi cloud applications. Additional automation and interaction between private and public clouds will be continuous in every release of the software.