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Mimix for AIX 5.1 Software From Vision Solutions

Enhanced replication, management and monitoring, and expanded platform support
This is a Press Release edited by on 2017.03.16

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Vision Solutions, Inc. announced the availability of MIMIX for AIX 5.1, formerly Double-Take for AIX.

The MIMIX for AIX family of products, including MIMIX Availability, MIMIX DR and MIMIX Move, offers straightforward, full-featured solutions for HA, DR and migration for AIX.

According to company's 2017 State of Resilience Report (registration required), 33% of businesses that experienced a failure requiring the use of their HA/DR solution lost up to an hour of data, and 37% lost a day or more. MIMIX Availability for AIX, an automated HA solution, and MIMIX DR for AIX, a DR tool, both deliver near-zero data loss in the face of disaster. They also provide CDP, enabling data and server recovery from a past point in time.

MIMIX for AIX's platform-independent replication supports a mix of hardware, storage and AIX OS versions on physical, virtual or cloud servers. As a result, it provides risk-free migration of AIX applications and data with near-zero downtime.

"MIMIX for AIX 5.1 offers businesses relying on AIX servers the most robust solutions package on the market with features unavailable elsewhere," said Alan Arnold, EVP and CTO, Vision Solutions. "IT professionals can ensure their business' most valuable data is always available and accessible, even when a would-be disaster strikes."

Features in MIMIX for AIX 5.1 include:

  • Enhanced Replication

      • Supports broadcast replication to two targets, either of which can be chosen for failover

      • Supports encryption of replicated data using TLS 1.2 encryption protocol

  • Easier management and monitoring

      • Integrates with enterprise monitoring consoles through the addition of SNMP alerting

      • Automates the application of license keys and provides visibility into license key status through a new license management window in the company's portal browser-based interface

  • Enhanced platform support

      • Supports IBM AIX 7.2