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Permabit VDO 6 Available for Storage OEMs and Integrators

Maximizes density and lower TCO for on-premises and cloud-based deployments, supports lRed Hat Enterprise Linux and Canonical Ubuntu Linux LTS.
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Permabit Technology Corporation announced general availability of Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO) release 6 for its OEM and software-defined data center customers.

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This release of VDO delivers the company's patented
deduplication, HIO/s compression and thin provisioning in a commercial software package supporting the latest releases of Red Hat, Inc.' Enterprise Linux and Canonical Ltd.'s Ubuntu Linux LTS.

First announced in June of 2016, VDO 6 GA release benefits from six months of customer feedback that has enabled the company to deliver a data reduction solution available for Linux today.

Key features of this release include:

  • Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 and Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS the latest enterprise Linux distributions from two of the vendors targeting corporate data centers.

  • Enhancements to the thin-provisioning capabilities of VDO, allowing users to grow the logical size of volumes online. This feature allows customers to better maximize utilization of their available storage resources.

  • Flexible write policies that enable administrators to make tradeoffs between performance and reliability online, allowing organizations to deliver enhanced performance and maximize data safety in HA configurations.

  • Company's certification of compatibility with Red Hat Ceph Storage and Gluster Storage.

VDO is a modular data reduction solution available for the Linux block storage stack that works with the range of open source and commercial software solutions. As a ready-to-run kernel module for Linux, VDO works transparently with Linux block devices and file systems across all types of storage. This block-level approach allows firm's customers to leverage existing file systems, volume management and data protection, as well as deliver 4K inline, scalable data reduction in Linux storage environments on premises and in the cloud.

Out of the box, VDO supports block, file and object storage on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Ubuntu Linux. VDO is currently deployed by storage OEM manufacturers and company's integration partners. Today VDO is in use by the largest financial and communications companies, as well as large government agencies.

It is available to company's storage OEMs and integration partners.