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46% of Backup Users Never Completed Test Restore – Macrium Software

78% lost data over last year, despite 73% having backup solution

Macrium Software, disk imaging solution specialist and trademark of Paramount Software UK Ltd, have undertaken a survey with over 7,000 users of backup and disk recovery software titled The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same for Backup.

Divided up by business and home users, the survey looks into views towards cloud backup as well as frequency of backup and if they have suffered data loss, what the cause was.

Top headlines from the research include:
• 78% of respondents have lost data over the last year, despite 73% having a backup solution in place at the time
• 70% of home users are not currently using cloud backup with 46% stating trust, security and privacy as the reason why
• 46% of those surveyed have never undertaken a test restore

The results do demonstrate the growing global trend for cloud that has been forecasted for a few years but taken longer to mature than most people expected.