45 Million SSDs Shipped Wordwide in 4Q16, Up 18% From 3Q16 – Trendfocus

Despite tight NAND supply
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Here is an abstract of a report, NAND/SSD Information Service CQ4 2016 Executive Summary, by Trendfocus, Inc., published on February 18, 2017:


Despite Tight NAND Supply, CQ4 SSD Shipments Jump 18% to 45 Million Units
15.7EB Shipped in SSDs

Client SSDs reach nearly 40 million units with both DFF and Modules showing strong gains; all enterprise SSD interfaces rise with SATA representing nearly 70% of units

  • Multiple client SSD vendors achieve strong growth, with total client units rising to 39.6 million, an 18% increase over the prior quarter.
  • Client module SSDs posted a 13.5% sequential increase in unit shipments, reaching 17.5 million units, with SATA taking 55% of the overall volume, followed by PCIe with the balance.
  • Enterprise SSDs showed significant growth with SATA still driving 69% of the volume, a decline from 75% share in the prior quarter.
  • For exabytes consumed by enterprise SSDs, the high unit share of enterprise SATA SSDs commanded 58% of the enterprise SSD capacity shipped, followed by SAS with 27% and PCIe with 15%.
  • Total SSD capacity shipped reached 15.7EB, up from 13.9EB in CQ3 ’16, with client SSDs representing two-thirds of the total exabytes - a slight share decline from the prior quarter.

Total SSD Supplier Market Share, by Supplier, Units (Millions), Exabytes

CQ4 '16 Total SSD Market: 45.032 Million Units
trendfocus,ssd,4Q16 units

CQ4 '16 Total SSD Market: 15.65EB
trendfocus,ssd,4Q16 exabytes